I don’t know the challenge you are facing today, the secret is, connect to the fire of God’s presence. There is no power that can withstand the fire dimension of the Holy Ghost. Holy Spirit is omnipotent (all-powerful). What a wonderful privilege to be indwelt by the omnipotent. Meditate on this. So there is no power either in flesh or out of it that can withstand the power of the Holy Ghost in you. Holy Ghost power is pure, all other powers are strange fire. When a strange fire jams the pure fire, the strange fire will quench and melt like wax. That is why it is a dangerous thing for anyone to divine against you. It could lead to madness (Isa 44:25). If you are summoned in any coven of darkness, the judgement fire of God will scatter the coven and none of their members will survive it. Every instrument of bewitchment will become useless. The fire of God makes you unstoppable and connects you directly to heaven’s frequency. Nothing down here will satisfy you. Yes because you will hear the music of heaven so how can worldly music satisfy you? The fire will make sure that you are never depressed again because you are operating in the highest. What is depression? Operating in the valley. The valley of shadow of death. The fire will ensure that you operate in the highest because that’s where the fire comes from. This fire emanates from the heaven of heavens. It makes you a ‘touch not’ person, it distinguishes you. You don’t need a title, it makes you a child of God. A son of God ready to manifest. Let them set their sword, it will not kill you, they set their time bomb, you will crush it. Fire makes you more than a conqueror, your head will be stronger than the head of your enemy, and no evil power will be able to touch you. No evil personality will be able to put you in his pocket, you will burst it. Do you desire this Fire?


  • Lord, I desire your fire today. I ask you to baptize me with Holy Ghost and fire.
  • I need the fullness of your fire. Show me your glory. Let your glory fire rest upon me, every member of my family, and every member of the Holy Ghost fellowship Int’l.
  • Let your fire envelop me. Henceforth, when I sleep, let your fire continue to burn in Jesus name.

What is divine prescription for tares? (Matt 13:24-43) When men slept, the enemy came and sowed tares but the divine prescription for tares is gather the tares and burn them by fire.


  • Let the fire of God burn everything (every tare) that the enemy has deposited in my life. Burn everything, burn every arthritis, sickness (call it by name). Burn diabetes, hypertension, every instrument of bewitchment, cancer. Burn everything that the enemy has set to defile my body which is the temple of the Holy Ghost. Let it fall under the judgment fire of the Holy Ghost.
  • As wax melts before the fire, so let every form of sickness melt by fire. Let every agent of death, depression, every chain, every satanic padlock, every agent of disease, every agent of bewitchment, animal of bewitchment, coven of bewitchment, and every contrary altar melt by fire in the name of Jesus. Let the fire of God consume every evil deposit and purify me in Jesus name.
  • Lord make me a vessel of honour, purified, sanctified to reflect your glory. Let your glory shine through me in the name of Jesus. Anything that demeans your image and glory from shining through me, let it melt. Let your glory fire locate and consume it. Let the name of the Lord be magnified in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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