TEXT: PSALM 68:1-3

We emphasized that the presence of God comes with fire of his presence. There is a fire that comes with the presence of God. Where that fire burns, the wicked is judged. The rod of the wicked is judged, everything that the wicked represents is judged. Sickness, disease, every agent of death, poverty, scarcity, lack, everything that is contrary to the purposive will of God is exterminated. This is why we should desire that the fire of his presence will envelope us.

Jesus does not only baptize with Holy Ghost. John called him the one who will baptize with Holy Ghost and fire. We need to be immersed in the Holy Ghost and fire. Acts 2, 120 disciples were in the upper room praying and fire fell upon the 120 persons, they were baptized not only in the Holy Ghost but with the fire of the presence of God. Flames of fire rested on them. This fire is the greatest transforming agent. Fire of his presence transforms you and makes you a transformer. The fire of his presence heals you and makes you a healing agent in a sick world. The fire of his presence keeps the wild beast away and the fire keeps you warm, it burns deep down in the bones, it produces physical healing, spiritual healing, matrimonial healing, and relational healing, any form of healing. The fire is the greatest cleanser, the greatest antidote to defilement. The fire will keep the wild beast away from you. When Apostle Paul was in the Island of Melitus, they had a shipwreck, when he sat beside the fire to receive warmth, a venomous snake tied itself around him, he just shook off the snake from his body and it fell into the fire and got burnt. Everything that the snake has deposited in your body will be burnt by fire, every agent of disease, defilement will be burnt by fire in the mighty name of Jesus.

In Isaiah 4, the bible describes the Holy Spirit as the spirit of burning. The fire dimension of the Holy Ghost is the greatest level of defense. His glory shall be our defense, not only for us but for all our assemblies.

Verse 4

The fire of the presence of God judges everything that is contrary to the will of God. There is a level of purity you cannot enter into until the fire has done its work. The Holy Spirit is the greatest agent of sanctification and how does He do it? one of the ways he does it is by purifying fire of his presence. This purifying fire keeps the dross away like in the refining fire of metals. Fire refines, it takes the dross away so you can show forth the glory. Without the fire of his presence, there is a measure of glory that God cannot reflect through you. That’s one of the beautiful things that fasting does. Fasting sanitizes and sensitizes the spirit man. It helps your spiritual frequency to intensify.

Verse 5

The glory fire shall be a defense, just like the time of the children of Israel the cloud was there in the day to shield them from the inclement weather of the desert and the fire in the night to keep wild beasts away and keep them warm. The glory of God is the greatest defense. It is when the glory of God departs that one starts hearing bad news. The glory will ensure that there is fullness of joy. This is another level of the manifestation of the almighty God

Verse 6

There will be no inclement weather because the glory of God will shield you, and your family. Though it will be in the world but it will not touch you in the name of Jesus. The glory of God is with Holy Ghost fellowship international in the name of Jesus. This glory will defend us, this glory will protect us, preserve us, and this glory will perfect everything that concerns us. This glory will ensure that we are not hurt. No negative government policy will affect us, no virus will affect us in the name of Jesus. Remember that safety is not absence of danger but the presence of God in the midst of danger. The glory fire of God’s presence will ensure we are covered in the night, and in the day. The glory fire will make us to work in dominion in our physical, spiritual and technological, educational environments, anywhere we go. God is interested in our divine insurance. Comprehensive protection, comprehensive preservation, comprehensive defense. There shall no evil befall us neither shall any plague come nigh our dwelling. We need to learn to dwell in the secret place of the most high, we need to seek his face, and we need to break away from the things we need to break away from. We need to partner with him. We need to be at the right place at the right side of prophecy. We need to be discerning. In the times and the seasons we have entered, it is so easy to collect the mark of the beast, go to church on Sunday and think that you are alright. We are living in a time that we need to be discerning. The rate of contagion of the corona virus is high but the mortality rate is low. It can be prevented, the greatest prevention is the fire dimension. Incidentally, it can’t even withstand fire. We are talking about a fire that can dry up an ocean. A fire that cast out dagon from the ocean. That’s the fire we are talking about. The fire that will roast the wild beast, the fire that will burn and melt metals.


Heavenly Father I thank you for giving us your son and leaving your Spirit till your work on earth is done. I ask you to graciously baptize me with Holy Ghost and Fire in Jesus name. Amen.


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