Another reason Jesus came is to give us eternal life. John 3:16. God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life. The love of God for us is God-size. We are amongst the whosoever that believeth (those who make a habit of believing). What is this life everlasting? John 17:3, This is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God and Jesus Christ whom thou has sent. This is one of Jesus’ prayer before his departure, it is a mystery. He had seen what was ahead, he began to intercede. “That they might know him”, he was talking to the father, the only true God because there are other gods. Every other god is fake but our God is alive. Don’t ever take it for granted that it has pleased God to show you the way. Don’t ever trivialize that because what you trivialize you cannot celebrate, what you commonize, you cannot value, you cannot worship.

We need to keep reminding ourselves what it cost God to save our souls. It is priceless. Silver and gold cannot buy it. One thousand years from now, you will find out that the greatest decision you have ever made in life is the decision to give your life to Jesus Christ. Decision to believe in Jesus Christ, the decision to strive to know who the true God is. I want you to treasure that and celebrate that. Eternal life in God’s presence, eternal peace, eternal joy in heaven. Glory! No more sighing, no more sickness, disease or death. When we gave our lives to Christ many years ago, we used to sing: “heaven is full of joy”. That is it! Heaven is all about joy, real celebration, that’s real life. Jesus is the essence and substance of our lives. A lot of people are celebrating superfluity of naughtiness. Tell me your happiness when you do not know Jesus. Any life that is lived outside Christ is full of crisis. Anyone who has missed Christ has missed everything. I want to remind you that the greatest decision you will ever make is the decision to give your life to Christ. It is a decision to align with the purposive will of god for man, decision to vote for heaven.


  • Lift up your hands and say Lord thank you so much, there are billions of people out there who are worshipping other gods, there are billions of people out there who have gone to Christless graves, eternal torment in hell fire, thank you for helping me to choose life, thank you for helping me to choose right, thank you for helping me to choose Jesus Christ, your eternal son. Thank you for helping me to vote right, thank you for showing me the way. Glory to your name. I worship you, you alone are worthy, I celebrate you, I celebrate your faithfulness, I do not take this honour to myself. It is you that made it possible. Father I thank you so much in Jesus name. Amen.


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