“In whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of his grace” Eph 1:7

Thank God that it is according to the riches of his grace not our grace that we have redemption, that we have forgiveness of sins. The word, redemption come from the four powerful Greek words; Pistuo which means price, Egorazo which means enter market, exagoraso which means to exit the market and Lutro which means to  be set free. When we put these four Greek words together we will understand the full meaning of redemption. To be bought with a price, to be set free. When you put the words together. We were in a slave market as a result of sin. Sin takes people under, it dehumanizes people, it takes the glory of God away, it demotes and derobes. We were there but Jesus came into that market, paid with his precious blood, and took us away from the slave market and set us free.

Say it aloud “Abundant life is my portion, I will reign with Christ eternally”. Here is a song you can sing with me:

Jesus, son of the living God has set me free from penury.
He came that I might have abundant life and reign with him eternally.
Abundant life is my portion,
I am free indeed,
I am free indeed.
Abundant life is my portion,
I will reign with Christ eternally.


  • Lift up your hand and worship the Lord. Lord Jesus how can I ever thank you? how can celebrate you? what would I have done? how could I have paid the price? Jesus. Thank you so much for the greatest miracle, the miracle of salvation.
  • Thank you for being my propitiation, thank you for being my atonement, thank you for being my redeemer, thank you for being my saviour, thank you for manifesting and  taking my sins away. You became my sin so that I can be saved. You took my sins and made me a saint. Thank you Jesus.
  • Thank you for standing in the gap, thank you for dismantling the power of sin, thank you for destroying the presence of sin, thank you for neutralizing the penalty of sin. Thank you Jesus, thank you for setting me free from slavery, thank you for setting me free from the consequences of sin.
  • Thank you Jesus, I give you all the praise. I lift up your banner, I celebrate you, you are my portion, you are my propitiation, atonement, redeemer, sanctifier, justifier, glorifier. Thank you Jesus. You are my eternal high priest, my eternal bridegroom. Blessed be your name, I give you praise, I worship you, I magnify your name. May your name be praised. Thank you for cleansing me, thank you for forgiving me through your blood.
  • Thank you for offering the ultimate sacrifice, the greatest sacrifice there can ever be. I rededicate my life afresh to you and I declare that I belong to you forever; please help me Lord Jesus. In any way that I have fallen short of your glory, I am sorry, please forgive me, cleanse me, purge me, purify me, and help me to live for you. Help my life reflect your glory, thank you Jesus. Amen.


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