• It is by your grace that I am saved and I trust you that this grace that has called me will see me through. I trust you, I depend on you, Jesus, and you are my ticket for the rapture. You are my ticket to heaven. I trust you to keep me. Please keep me, guide me, and make it impossible for me to miss my heavenly mansion.
  • You have gone to prepare a place for me, please prepare me for that place. Help me to understand the true meaning of life in the name of Jesus. I key into this eternal life that only you can give, please let it flow through me, let your river of life flow through me in the name of Jesus. Make it impossible for me to disconnect in the name of Jesus Christ. Thank you precious lord in Jesus name.
  • Thank you Jesus my lord, my champion, my deliverer, my alpha and omega, great is your faithfulness. Thank you mighty God, blessed be your name, may your name be magnified, may your name be praised, may you be hallowed, may your name be exalted in Jesus name. From the rising of the sun even to the going down of the same, your name alone shall be praised in every facet of my life. You have spoken in your holiness, we will rejoice.
  • You are our portion, propitiation, atonement, redeemer, deliverer, healer, shield, rock, fortress, sanctifier, justifier, glorifier, thank you so much, the essence and substance of our lives. Thank you Jesus Christ, our mediator, the mediator of a new covenant.
  • Wonderful Jesus, Marvelous Jesus, we give you glory and honour, , counselor, Prince of peace, advocate, king of kings, Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle, commander of the armies of heaven. Our eternal high priest, our eternal bridegroom. Thank you Jesus, our fortress, our strong tower, our blessed hope, our lively hope, may your name be magnified, may your name be glorified. Thank you so much. May your name be praised. We run into your name and we are saved. Thank you in Jesus name.

Things are getting better because Jesus is on the throne in our lives. Amen!

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