• Use Eph. 1:16-23 to pray that God will grant every member of the fellowship wisdom to see clearly who we are in Christ and what Christ has done for us.
  • Pray for divine encounter – that every member of the Fellowship will experience God.
  • Oh Lord of Hosts, demonstrate Your glorious power and make Your Name great in Holy Ghost Fellowship Int’l in Jesus Name.
  • No weapon fashioned against the Fellowship shall prosper; any tongue that shall rise against us in judgment, we condemn in Jesus Name. (Isa. 54:17).
  • Plead our cause, O LORD with them that strive with us: fight against them that fight against us in Jesus Name. (Psa. 35:1).
  • Use Deut. 12:1-4 to utterly destroy any evil altar working against the Fellowship.
  • Let God arise, let our enemies be scattered. As wax melts before the fire, so shall all our enemies, every one of them melt before the consuming fire of the presence of God in Jesus Name.
  • They shall be ashes under our feet that have ever risen against the Fellowship in Jesus Name.
  • All our enemies, every one of them, go into perpetual captivity in Jesus Name.
  • Lord, send forth Your lightening and scatter them, shoot forth Your arrows and destroy every dark meeting against the Fellowship, in Jesus Name.
  • With Psa. 110, 1 John 4;4, 1 John 3:8, Rom. 16;20, Luke 10:19, Rev. 12:11, declare and enforce dominion over territorial spirits, neighbourhood wickedness, evil ancestral spirits, marine spirits, spirit of witchcraft, spirit of occultism, false religion, queen of heaven, false prophet etc.
  • Use Matt. 18:18 to bind the following spirits and cast them into the abyss:
  • Untimely death         Accident                                       Disease
    • Failure                       Disappointment                         Barrenness
    • Poverty                      Scarcity                                          Lack
    • Armed robbery         Kidnapping                                Corruption
    • Stagnation                 Delay                                          Retrogression
    • Idolatry                     Impurity                                       Error
    • Recession                 Delusion                                      Dislocation
    • Deception                  Fear                                             blockade
    • Demotion                 Obstruction                                 Satanic embargo         
    • Carelessness            Discouragement                     Sudden loss of health
    • Sudden loss of wealth


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