operation 18:18


  • Celebrate the Lord who always causes us to triumph over our enemies.
  • Use Psa 40:1-5 to appreciate God who has been so faithful in answering our prayers. Give Him all the thanks for His boundless love, mercies and kindness towards us.
  • With Psa. 122:6, bless Israel and pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Use Matt.21.22, Mark 11: 23-24, Luke 11:11-12, John 14.13 to ask:

  • God to enlarge the coast of Holy Ghost Fellowship Int’l;
  • For more GRACE, more anointing of the Holy Ghost, more fire, more wisdom, etc.;
  • Ceaseless flow of the anointing for major multiple breakthroughs;
  • Spiritual and physical transformation of the estate from Canal Estate to Holy Ghost Estate;
  • More salvation of souls, healing, miracles, deliverances, testimonies etc;
  • God to keep every member of the fellowship rapture-ready.
  • Prophesy Isa.35.
  • Use Haggai 2:6 – pray, Heavenly Father, stretch forth Your hand and shake the oceans, the heavens and the earth and destroy everything satan has built to work against Holy Ghost Fellowship Int’l and its members in Jesus Name.
  • Father, shake the chambers of the sun, moon and stars and dismantle and utterly destroy everything the enemy has erected to work against your purpose for the Fellowship in Jesus Name.
  • Let every challenge facing any member of the fellowship receive solution NOW in Jesus Name.
  • Pray for the Church, that anyone that names the name of the LORD shall depart from iniquity.
  • Pray for massive arrest and conversion of souls especially those the devil is using to oppress the Church.
  • Pray for missionaries all over the world for protection, provision and fruitfulness.
  • Pray – Let there be light over your country, let the cloud of doom and gloom and darkness be gone forever in Jesus Name.
  • Let the mighty wind of restoration blow all over the nations of the world.  Let there be revival in holiness, righteousness and wisdom of the Almighty God in Jesus Name.
  • Magnify the LORD who is able to do exceeding, abundantly, above our requests…
  • Pray in tongues … shout Hallelujah!

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