Covenant of healing and health


Reasons why Christians fall sick

3. Satan and his agents.
Satan and his agents attack people with sickness. A lot of sicknesses are spiritual. The Bible makes us to understand that when men slept the enemy came to sow tares. Witches and wizards specialize in depositing stuff into people’s bodies. The biblical prescription for tares is fire. That is why you need to press into the fire dimension of the Holy Spirit. Whatever the enemy has sown into your body will be consumed by the fire of the Holy Spirit. It matters a lot if you find yourself eating in your dream, do something about it once you wake up. A lot of people trivialize this. People get attacked in their dreams and take ill immediately after the attack. Some people don’t even survive it. Spiritual sickness requires spiritual healing. We have seen a lot of this in the ministry of deliverance. Several times when doctors have failed, that is when people look up to God and God intervenes. I was in the deliverance room some years back when a lady was brought in very ill, she could barely stand. The doctors told her that she had chronic bronchitis and that her condition was very bad. To the glory of God, when the fire fell she was slain and began to manifest very profusely. When the demons left her, she was visibly transformed the next time she came. She was fully restored. We have seen several of such. In most cases after the demons leave, the person’s natural beauty will emerge with visible change of complexion. I keep emphasizing the fact that many sicknesses are spiritual. The prescription for a demonic sickness is deliverance which is spiritual healing. That was why Jesus mandated his disciples to cast out devils. He said, “And these signs shall follow them that believe; in my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues” Mark 16:17. I was watching a very charismatic televangelist on the television set some time ago; after talking down on deliverance ministry, he started praying for the sick during the programme and said, ‘you devil of cancer, come out’. That is deliverance! Today, to the glory of God, the body of Christ is coming to the realization that deliverance is part and parcel of the salvation package. Jesus cast out a deaf and dumb spirit and the man spoke and began to hear. Many sicknesses are spiritual in nature.


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