• John 10:10 describes him as the thief, the killer and the destroyer.
    The dragon is a thief, a killer and a destroyer. Anywhere you find any of his disciples, they steal, kill and destroy and even destroy the evidence. They do the work of their master, the dragon. The worst destruction is the consignment to hell fire. Jesus said you should not fear those who can kill and destroy the flesh, the one you should fear is he who can kill, destroy and send you to hell. I remember an incident that happened sometime ago. After our usual Friday meetings where we dealt with the thief, I went home with my wife and on getting to the gate of our house, we found the gate ajar. At that point, my wife became very cautious and suspicious that something was not right; I ignored that suspicion and went into the compound. Immediately I rang the bell of our apartment, I saw a dark shadow emerge from the back of the house with a gun. As he approached, he beckoned on the others who were hiding at various places in the compound with guns. There was no time to pray. I just muttered ‘Holy Spirit, take control’. Miraculously, God delivered us from that predicament. I bless the name of the Lord as I sing – “Great is the Lord who has delivered me, he answered me when I was in distress,  I praise you my Lord, I praise you my Lord, I lift up my hands to you, I praise you my Lord, I praise you my Lord, I shout hallelujah! To him be all the glory.

Pray –

  • Lord, I thank you for the many ways you have delivered me, thank you from delivering me from the thief, thank you for your mighty hand that shielded me from the agent of the dragon. Thank you for helping me. Thank you for neutralizing their weapons and making the weapons useless in their hands. Thank you mighty God. Thank you for keeping me and every member of my family alive. Thank you blessed Lord for your grace for total liberation. Thank you, eternal rock of ages, for the provisions you have made for me to have comprehensive dominion over the dragon and over all his agents. Thank you mighty God, I give you praise. I worship and adore you, in Jesus name.


  • Lord, please shield me from the activities of the men of the underworld; shield every member of my family. Shield my business; shield my going out and my coming in the name of Jesus. Help me O God, shield me from every attack of the evil one, shield us from the activities of the kingdom of darkness in the mighty name of Jesus.
  • Lord, we ask that you uphold us and shield us from the activities of the agents of the dragon. Grant that they will never have an upper hand in our lives.
  • Lord, let not the foot of pride ever come against me; neither let the hand of the wicked remove me in the name of Jesus. Paralyze every evil hand that is set to vex me. Paralyze every evil hand of the thief. Paralyze the evil hand of the destroyer. Paralyze the evil hand of the agents of dragon.
  • Lord, I ask that you release your strong sword against every agent of darkness and all their sponsors, altars, machinations, and evil designs. Make their weapons useless in their hands in the name of Jesus.
  • It is written, no weapon fashioned against me shall prosper, no weapon fashioned against any member of my family shall prosper. No weapon fashioned against any member of Holy Ghost Fellowship International shall prosper in the name of Jesus.


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