One of the laws I discovered of recent is the law of attention. If you apply the law of attention to the above principles, there is no how your life will remain the same. But the point is how much attention are you going to give to it? The word of God says that for good success to come your way, you must meditate on the word of God day and night. It is when people don’t pay attention to what they have that they get enticed. Pay attention to what God has deposited in you and you will be a world mover. Better begin to quake the earth before the earth quakes you.

The word of God has all it takes to checkmate the devil. We are the people of the word and we have all it takes to checkmate the devil, we are in the world but we are free from the world. When sinners try to entice you, what are they trying to do? They want you to lower the Word for the world; they want you to exchange the Word for the world. What should be your response? ‘The Word is not for sale! This word that I have, the devil didn’t give it to me; the devil didn’t give it, the devil can’t give it, the devil can’t take it away from me’.

The law of attention will make you guard jealously the word of God in your heart. That is the way to win the world; you can never win the world by becoming one with it. What you chase will always be ahead of you and that is why you must chase higher things. That is why you need to chase higher things!

Dear Heavenly Father I worship you. I celebrate your word. Grant me the grace never to lower the standard of your word, but to pay maximum attention to it all the days of my life in Jesus’ name. AMEN

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