• He is the corrupter of minds according to 2 Cor. 11:3 CONT’D.
    Every unrighteousness is sin. We need to raise the blood of Jesus against the spirit of corruption that is ravaging the world today and bastardizing everything that is sacred paving the way for the man of sin to put on flesh and manifest. The dragon is about to manifest. Let the Church be watchful. Let everyone that names the name of the Lord flee from iniquity, flee from every appearance of evil. The greatest thing you can do is to clean up because it is only those who clean up that will move to the higher level. Anything that is defiled will sink in line with the law of gravity. If you are not moving up, you are already going the wrong direction. Ask God to intervene.


  • Lord, I don’t want to be corrupted, I don’t my mind to be corrupted. I don’t want the mind of any member of my family to be corrupted. I don’t want the mind of any member of Holy Ghost Fellowship International to be corrupted.
  • Help us to be pure, holy and acceptable unto you. Help us to love you above every other thing and to fall in love over and over again with you. Help us to love what you love and to hate what you hate.
  • Help us, O God, in your mercy deliver us from every contraption of hell. Deliver us from the spirit of corruption that is out there ravaging the world turning things upside down, calling evil good and calling good evil, deceiving many.
  • Father, have mercy on your elect; everyone that is facing the wrong direction, please intervene and redirect them.
  • Visit your Church and help your Church to sit up and desist from preparing messages that are preparing people for this earth that is about to sink. Instead help your Church to begin to point people upwards so that they may know you and that they may live for you.
  • Make heaven more real to us O God than any earthly thing can ever be. Help us to flee from the lust and corruption that is in this world. Help us to cleave to you in the name of Jesus.
  • Help us to live above the corruption, help us to live above the defilement but to purpose in our heart like Daniel not to be defiled in Jesus name.


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