Seven Best Ways to Celebrate Jesus:

2. Obey him CONT’D.
One day a brother paid me a visit at home and we discussed at length deep spiritual things. When he left my house, he never knew that he had contacted so much fire of God’s presence. Not too long after he left, he saw a man who was obviously carrying charms on him, the man immediately fell on the road right behind him and started manifesting, making terrible noise and groaning until he crawled into the drainage. The rector of the theological seminary I attended once told us of how a regent of the village where the seminary was situated came with charms to attack him while he was still setting up the seminary. The regent came physically after having failed all attempts to attack the man spiritually. The regent had so much charms on him, he used a flowing garment to cover the charms and walked into the site to attack the rector who was a deep worshipper of Jehovah. In spite of the rector’s height and built, he jumped whenever he was praising and worshipping God. It was during one of such praise and worship sessions that the regent walked in with his charms. When the power of God arrested him, he removed his outer garment revealing the charms he had under and started tearing everything apart. The regent was eventually converted and he registered in that theological seminary to the glory of God.

Is it really difficult to love God above every other thing in your heart? Is it impossible to do? John 14:15, “If ye love me, keep my commandments.” Today, the question of obedience is a very serious issue among Christians. A lot of Christians struggle with simple instructions. This is because they feel they have so many options available to them. If you struggle with the word of God, you can no longer be corrected. Everyone wants to be ‘God’ and looking for a God to send on errands. Your miracle will meet you at the point of your obedience. It is that simple. A lot of Church goers want Christianity without responsibility. If you are still struggling with obedience, you are cheating yourself of the blessings of God. There are Churches everywhere, religious activities all over the place. But God has not changed his principles. We need to make up our minds to be true children of God. What causes disobedience in people? The first reason is pride – ‘who are you to tell me what to do?’ The second reason is stubbornness – ‘leave me alone, I have a better option’. These are very dangerous spirits emanating from the carnal nature of man – the Adamic nature. Adam was the first person to disobey. That nature of man is very strong and producing very serious carnal minded Church goers. Lying and breaking of covenants is nothing to them. If you love Christ, obey him, keep his commandments. A lot of miracles are missed because of partial obedience. Those who are in partial obedience usually think that they are in complete obedience because they have a mentality that God is a fifty percent God. God is a one hundred percent God. If your obedience is not complete, don’t expect a one hundred percent divine intervention. There is a level of manifestation that nobody can experience until their obedience is complete. The moment you set your heart to be prompt and complete in obedience, you will be amazed at how God will begin to guide you. Your miracle will happen on the wings of your obedience. Make up your mind that one of the things you will drop is struggling with obedience to the word of God and to the leading and promptings of the Holy Spirit. If you must always do your will, then you don’t need God!

Pray –

  • God, help my obedience to be complete so that I can enjoy and continue to enjoy the fullness of the blessings that you have in store for me. Father, help me to be complete and total in obedience. Help me to love you so much that it will be my joy to obey you even when it is not convenient to do so, help me O God in Jesus’ name.
  • May I not miss my miracle because of partial obedience in the name of Jesus. Grant that my disobedience will not delay my blessing in the name of Jesus.


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