operation 18:18



  • He is the prince of this world, according to John 14:30.


  • Lord, please search through me. I empty my mind, spirit, soul and body, my emotion, my initiative, my personality, anything that is not of you, Lord, today, I ask you to roll it away, remove it from my life. Search through me in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
  • Let my garment always be pure, sanctify me to the utmost, cleanse me with the precious blood that you shed on mount Calvary. I belong to you one hundred percent. Everything in me I turn over to you. grant me the grace to live for you and never to lust after anything down here. Deliver me from any banana peel, deliver me from anything that defiles and damns the soul, deliver me from anything that corrupts the mind. Deliver me from anything that the enemy has programmed to use to derail your programme for my destiny. Lord, I pray for myself, I pray for every member of my family and every member of Holy Ghost Fellowship International, Lord, deliver us. Make us pure. Make us holy. Make us acceptable to you. let your glory shine through us O God, in the name of Jesus.
  • Jesus, we belong to you forever. Make it impossible for the enemy to have any foothold in any area of our lives. Thank you master Jesus. I saturate everything that concerns us with the blood of Jesus Christ. Grant us grace to live for you. Grant us grace to walk with you. grant us grace to be all you want us to be and accomplish all you want us to accomplish. Fence off the enemy from our lives. When he comes may he never find any of his property in our possession and help us to have dominion over him all the days of our lives through the finished work of Jesus Christ.
  • He is the corrupter of minds according to 2 Cor. 11:3.
    “But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtility, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ”.  There is so much corruption in the world today that there is no sacred institution in the world any more. It is the simplicity that is in Christ that makes it difficult for the corrupt mind to accept it. It is so simple that the corrupt mind cannot understand it. What it takes to produce a bottle of poison is to put a drop in a good bottle. It doesn’t really take anything to corrupt, it is very easy. That is why I still insist that people should be very careful in the world today. If anyone has ever told you a lie, never take anything he says as truth anymore. The world is terribly sick, we are living in perilous times where every institution has been corrupted and bastardized. The corrupter is at work and at war in every sense of that word corrupting everything but you can say no to his corruption. First, make sure that your mind is not corrupted. It is the corruption of mind that has produced of manner of abominations in the world today – woman getting married to woman, man getting married to man! Even a male dog cannot mate with male dog. This only goes to show the extent to man’s degeneration. Put the blood line against the nonsense. Has God changed? Will the same God who judged Sodom and Gomorrah fold his hands and ignore this nonsense? Once the mind is corrupted, it is capable of any abomination.


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