5. The Holy Spirit gives us an inward assurance of salvation according to Rom. 8:16. “The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God.” This is very important because without an inward assurance, the devil will continue to capitalize on that to make you lose your peace. It is the Holy Spirit that puts the seal of sonship upon our lives confirming that we are children of the most high God. The seal of God upon our lives is the seal of the Holy Ghost.

Pray –

  • Lord, I thank you for your seal of the Holy Ghost upon my life. I bear the mark of the Holy Ghost upon my life in the name of Jesus. I bear the mark of the Lord Jesus Christ, I bear the seal of the Holy Ghost, therefore, let no power trouble me. I belong to the Lord Jesus Christ. The seal of the Holy Spirit is upon my life, I am a heavenly citizen.
  • Every contrary seal upon my life is hereby disallowed. I renounce every contrary seal. I renounce the influence of every evil seal upon my life. I break every evil seal of limitation. I break every evil seal of the adversary in Jesus name.

Everyone has a seal and what seals you is what owns you. If God puts his seal upon your life, it means he owns you. Why is this so important? It is very important because you will eventually end up in the home of the one who owns you. If the Holy Spirit owns you, it means you will end up in his home in heaven. Several African Christians will not find this difficult to understand because it takes a lot to really break away from things that claim ownership of your life – the traditions of men trying to put other seals. It is so easy to receive contrary seals. Some Africans even boast about it claiming that they are ‘sons of the soil’. What a terrible self imposed curse! Let every self imposed curse upon your life break today in the powerful name of Jesus.

If you have been given a contrary name bearing the seal of idolatry, you need to run because when other gods put their seal upon anyone, automatically, that person belongs to them. Such a person must definitely act in line with their dictates. Who owns you dictates where you will end ultimately. That is why it is a categorical statement that not everyone is a child of God. It is as many as are led by the Holy Spirit that are the sons of God (Rom 8:14) – these are people who bear the seal of the Holy Spirit. This is one of the reasons why we need to be filled with the Holy Spirit on daily basis to be able to navigate the crooked world we live in today – a world full of deception, sin and other creatures. Deliverance involves breaking other seals and putting on the seal of the Holy Ghost. It has happened over and over again in this ministry – people with the seal of dagon, water spirits, ancient serpents etc. Once delivered, get filled, and the Holy Spirit automatically takes over. The amazing thing is that when this happens, even the physical look of such people changes because true beauty flows from within not from outside. Out of our belly shall flow rivers of living water (John 7:38).


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