Rebellion is a universal sin of humanity. It does not have a colour barrier, it is universal. This is because it is in the gene of man. Man acquired it when he fell. He acquired a diseased perception of reality. That is why if left alone, man will walk straight into hell. Education cannot change it; it will only make man more arrogant. The nature of a pig cannot be changed by going to Harvard. A pig will always remain a pig. It is in its gene.

God had options. He could have wiped away the human race and recreated it when man fell. But he said no. Instead, he chose the way of mercy. The mercy of God is that quality of his that overlooks the guilt and the guilty and goes on to bestow that which is ultimately beneficial to the object of his love. Mercy covers our mess, even in the very first act of love that God had to show after man fell because man became naked. Sin leads to nakedness. Remember that God is absolutely holy, absolutely righteous, absolutely and infinitely wise. The righteousness of God does not tolerate sin; the mercy of God overlooks sin but the righteousness of God judges sin. The soul that sinneth, it shall die. Sin does not only bring nakedness, sin brings death. Whoever tries to bring you out of sin loves you very much. A Pastor who preaches against sin loves his congregation. Righteousness exalts a nation, sin brings reproach. Sin leads to nakedness. Sin debases, sin destroys.

The righteousness of God demands that the sin of man had to be judged. The first act of love that God showed even after man sinned was to cover man’s nakedness. When man realized that he was naked, he looked for leaves to cover himself. God said no, you cannot treat yourself a sickness you acquired from the devil whom you submitted to. I have my own prescription. The prescription for atonement must be blood; blood must be shed. Without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin according to Heb. 9:22. Look at the quagmire; look at the thorny issue that God had to handle. Sin has three Ps. When man fell, the three Ps of sin were automatically activated – the power of sin, the presence of sin and the penalty of sin. It was man that sinned so naturally man must atone for the sin of man. But which man? The adamic race was already corrupted so no man was free from the gene of rebellion.

There was no man that was exempt from the unified intelligence that is why the Bible says, all we like sheep have gone astray. Which man will therefore atone for man’s sin? God looked at it and in his infinite wisdom, no man was qualified. At that time, Lucifer was probably celebrating. “I have gotten man where I want him to be”. The object of God’s love is now the enemy of God. He was probably laughing. “If God can cast me into hell, He must do the same for man. You are too righteous to pardon man afterall, you judged me”. For Lucifer, it was a done deal. He, however, forgot that God always has a joker. He is the God that knows the end from the beginning. This is the omniscient nature of God, the all-knowing God. Wisdom belongs to him. God had to become man in order to die for the sin of man so that man can enjoy the presence of God. If you don’t understand salvation from the pre-creation angle, you will just become like Adam, not placing enough value on the greatest miracle in the whole universe – the miracle of salvation.

For God to become man, it wasn’t easy at all. How will that happen? God had to look for the womb of a virgin, Holy Ghost had to brood over her womb, it had to be by a special conception. Jesus Christ was supernaturally conceived by the power of the Holy Ghost. Why? Otherwise, it will still be the same man with the same gene with corrupted blood that will conceive him. So while Jesus was here on earth, he was one hundred percent man and one hundred percent God. Theologians call it the hypostatic union. That is the reason why when you plead the blood of Jesus, Holy Ghost moves. Whenever you plead the blood of Jesus, there is a supernatural empowerment because the blood of Jesus carries the power of the Holy Ghost. Henceforth whenever you apply the blood of Jesus, apply it with this revelation – that it will unleash the power of God. The blood of Jesus Christ carries the power of God which overwhelms the devil. That is the reason why the devil cannot withstand the blood of Jesus.


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