Immediately God placed man in the garden, he gave him an instruction; a perfect man in a perfect environment with just one instruction. Of all the trees in the garden, do not eat only this particular one. In Genesis chapter three, the snake appeared, the devil decided to supplant man and so he decided to blow the mind of man because man was not actively engaged and never placed enough value on what he had. He never placed enough value on his relationship with God. Adam was not a worshipper, he took God for granted and that was the beginning of his fall. There was no place where he showed any gratitude to God. Everything was God’s initiative. He woke up one morning and beheld a wife. What did he do? He went ahead to perform a naming ceremony, he never thanked God, not even a prayer. In the cool of the evening, God comes down to have fellowship with him.

From my own research, I have discovered that people who receive things on a platter usually don’t value not only the giver but the gift as well. That is one of the reasons why some of the people who are born with silver spoon struggle to make it in life. Be careful how you raise your children, don’t spoil them with affection. That is not love, there is no wisdom in it. True love chastises, true love corrects. A child whom the father loves, he chastises. Rebellion in the heart originates from Lucifer.

Where was Adam when the snake entered the garden? Why must you allow an evil influence where God has placed you? Husband is not a title; it is a very serious ministry. Husband is priesthood. Husband is warfare. Husband is responsibility. The Bible says “And when Eve saw …” – lust of the eye. Eve was so captivated by the fruit. The devil blowing her mind, she got captivated. At that point, it was difficult for her to stop. She was already thinking of the taste of the fruit in her mind – lust of the flesh.  The very moment you eat it, your eyes will open according to Lucifer – pride of life. The devil has not changed his strategy. When Adam eventually arrived, he never rebuked his wife, instead, he partook of the fruit. What transpired? The will of man was now submissive to the will of the snake; man’s will became unified with the will of the devil. This is called the unified intelligence. This was the origin of the adamic nature. This was how the gene of rebellion was transferred; man acquired the gene of rebellion, incapable of thinking right, incapable of choosing right, incapable of doing the will of God – a little of the left and a little of the right – the ways of the serpent.

Every man that is born of a woman into this world is born with this sinful gene, he is born with this unified intelligence and that is why the Bible says in Isa. 53:6 – the central point of this message – “All we like sheep have gone astray, we have turned everyone to his own way; and the LORD hath laid on him the iniquity of us all.” Everyone has turned his own way rebelling against the will of God. Whenever the devil asks you to go your own way, he laughs because he knows that your way is not actually your way but his own way! That is the message of occultism – ‘do thou what thou wilts shall be the whole of the law’. In other words, just do whatever comes to your mind shall be the whole of the law. It is so difficult to correct people and set things right in the world today. Why is it so? The adamic nature! Man’s will in union with the will of the serpent – the unified intelligence.


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