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The story of Holy Ghost Fellowship

Sister Blessing (not her real name) was in her forties when she was introduced to us. We scheduled her counselling for 24th February, 1997. Incidentally, that was the day that this ministry began in our Brother’s office. She was very badly oppressed, afflicted, depressed almost at the point of discouragement. Her only child was about five years old as at the day of the counselling and she greatly desired to have another one. She had been to several deliverance sessions with very little improvement in her situation. It was not an easy counselling because anytime she was counselled to do something; she would reply that she had already done it, sometimes more than three times. She was not a baby Christian. She had even attended a Bible school. We encouraged her that Jesus will not only set her free but also meet her at the point of her needs. At the end, we prayed for her and placed her on some spiritual assignment. The Lord not only delivered her from all her perils but also, within a year, blessed her with a bouncing baby boy.

The second person we counselled that day was Sister Stella (not her real name). She had a minor misunderstanding with her husband and was compelled by a strange voice to tear her marriage certificate. She did. It didn’t end there, the same voice told her to get a bucket of water and pour it on their matrimonial bed in the presence of her husband and her sister in law. The husband’s ego was badly challenged and he decided to throw her out but for the timely intervention of their neighbour who booked for separate counselling appointments for Stella and her husband. The Lord took control and restored the marriage. Sister Stella was not only delivered, she got baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues right there in that office. Her husband got a fantastic job in an oil and gas company. He later became a deacon while his wife became a deaconess to the glory of God.

Within six months, the counselling ministry had grown into a full fellowship. It became obvious that we needed to move to a larger auditorium. Our meetings were very informal. We simply believed that through prayer and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, there was no problem the Lord could not solve. The Lord continued to confirm his presence in our meetings with notable healings, deliverances, miracles, salvation of souls as well as profound restorations.

A year later on the day we paid for a larger hall called The Glass House restaurant, we could not think of a better name for our meetings than Holy Ghost Fellowship. There was no premeditation. I only made up my mind to serve God, nothing more. There was no blueprint. Our first night vigil attracted 369 adults; there was raw manifestation of the power of God. One of the people that was mightily touched in that meeting is today a pastor in a living Church, to the glory of God. What God is doing in the ministry is progressive. The fire that birthed the ministry is still burning, the pure fire of the precious Holy Spirit. Every miracle God does in the ministry has been progressive and everyone connected to this ministry is connected to an altar of progressive testimony to the glory of God.

Pray –

  • Everlasting and most holy God I worship and adore you. I celebrate the move of your spirit in the world today. I thank you for what you have done and what you will do in Holy Ghost Fellowship. Supernaturally empower me to be a vessel of honour in your kingdom in this end time in Jesus name. Amen.


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