Seven dimensions of Waste CONT’D

2. Resources (this includes money).
A lot of people throw away resources daily and continue to wonder why they are not rich. Your best environment is an oxygenated environment; you need not install an air-conditioner if your house is well designed for oxygen. The reason why a lot of people in the poverty cycle find it difficult to break it is because of too much waste. The poor and the rich think differently; the rich think production, they think investment while the poor think consumption. Most African countries are plagued with mismanagement of resources through bad leadership.

Pray –

  • Lord, in any way that I have ever wasted my resources, I am sorry. Forgive me for frittering away my resources. I don’t want my resources to be wasted anymore. Henceforth O God, I ask you to help me not to waste resources anymore in the name of Jesus.
  • Anything in my life that is making resources to be frittered away in my hand, today Lord, seal it in the name of Jesus.
  • Grant me the grace, O God, not to fritter resources that you bring my way in Jesus name. I ask that you help me to be productive in Jesus name.

3. Time.
Your life is measured in terms of time. Time is a seed. Know how to deal with time wasters.

4. Health.
Whatever wants to waste your health is out to kill you. The devil is a waster of everything that is good. Your health is wealth. When the enemy attacks people’s health, money begins to leak. The spirit that drives a lot of health issues is the spirit of waste called wasters and emptiers. Arrest these spirits in your life. Bind every waster, bind every emptier so that there will be no more waste. Diabetes is a waster. A diabetic is like a tree losing nutrients. There is no sickness that cannot be cured spiritually. There is no sickness on earth that Jesus Christ has not atoned for. Another sickness that is very wasteful is cancer. This is because there is a spirit that drives it. Health challenges can be very expensive to handle, it is one of the ways through which the devil steals from people. The Bible says that when you fail to pay your tithe, you expose yourself to the devourer. The waster is a devourer, he comes to devour. There is no wisdom in withholding your tithe when God says you should give it. There are some battles you cannot fight on your own. These are battles that God himself needs to step in to fight on your behalf and one of them is the battle against the devourer. God promised to rebuke the devourer for the sake of every tithe payer. When next the devil comes messing around, remind him that you are a tithe payer; a covenant child of God. Keep the waster away, don’t ever allow him operate in your territory. It pays to always confess “My body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, redeemed, cleansed, sanctified by the blood of Jesus Christ. Satan has no part in me, no power over me and no unsettled claims against me. All have been settled by the blood of Jesus Christ on the cross.” Amen.