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The greatest thing you can dedicate to God is your life. The wisdom in dedication lies in the fact that we do not have what it takes to keep what God has given us. It is neither by strength nor by any qualification that you possess. No one has what it takes to preserve it. When you hand anything over to God, you are saying in essence, ‘it is your responsibility to take care of this from henceforth because I cannot do it on my own. You have what it takes to take care of what you have given me. I am not the owner. I am only a caretaker. You are the owner’. This is deep-seated wisdom; in fact, it is the highest level of wisdom.

Few years back, I had an encounter with Christ Jesus; it was all about ticket. I found myself stranded in a very dusty land full of busy people and I needed to secure a flight ticket to enable get out of the city. I went to the airport with the hope of securing a ticket but was told that I could not get one because in that land, tickets were booked well ahead of the flight, in advance. It was getting dark; danger was looming all over the place. It dawned on me that I was stranded in a dusty land.

I woke up from this encounter in shock thinking that I was going to miss the rapture, from my own interpretation. When I reclined to bed, the encounter continued. At that point, I saw Jesus Christ standing in the sky looking very serious; he told me that the dream was not about me but that his people (not his Church) are not ready for the rapture. At that point, my greatest desire was to make it. I was about giving a sigh of relief when Jesus accosted me with question “Have you booked your ticket?” I immediately replied “Jesus you are my ticket for the rapture. What you did for me on the cross is my ticket for the rapture!” Immediately, booklet of ticket left his palm and I reached out and grabbed it with joy shouting “ticket at last!”

The value of that ticket compelled me to make a request (prayer) I had never prayed before. I said, “Jesus, please keep it for me”, the ticket immediately left my hand and returned to him. I woke up from that encounter happy that I have the ticket for the rapture and that Jesus is my guaranteed ticket for the rapture. However, I was unhappy because a lot of Church going Christians are not serious with their walk with God. The question is – if the rapture takes place now, will you fly?

Pray –

  • Jesus, I thank you for your finished work at Calvary. I unreservedly give my life to you. I ask you to be my Lord and personal savior and grant me the grace to live for you. You’ve gone to prepare a place for me, please prepare me for that place so that where you are, there I will also be forever. Amen.


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