Thanksgiving Prayer

  • Lord, thank you for keeping us alive from 18th of January till 18th of December 2021. God, you have been faithful. Father, we are grateful. We have seen another operation 1818. Thank you for the previous blessings of operation 1818. Thank you for the power of your outstretched hand. Thank you Lord. I magnify your name. You have been wonderful in keeping us, blessing us, lifting us and not allowing our foes rejoice over us. You have been so good to us.
  • Thank you for your faithfulness. Thank you for the miracles, healings and marvelous deliverances. Thank you for your glorious interventions. Thank you for your blessing that make rich and do not add any sorrow. Thank you for all the answered prayers of the previous operation 1818. May your name be praised. May your name be magnified. May your name be exalted.
  • Thank you for keeping us alive, Lord, we thank you. Covenant keeping God, we appreciate you. At the beginning of the year, we entered into a seven-fold covenant with you, we are saying thank you. You have done all things well. Covenant keeping God, there is none like you. You are faithful. You are good. You are loving. You are kind. You are wonderful, you are awesome, you are the omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient God, take all the glory.
  • Thank you for testimonies after testimonies. Thank you for the overflow of your grace and glory. Thank you blessed Lord. You are worthy of all our praise. May your name be magnified and hallowed. We give you praise, we appreciate you O God that we are marching forward. That we are alive and well.
  • Thank you for making it possible for us to start this operation 1818 in perfect health, we do not take you for granted. We know that you have fought and won for us visible and invisible battles. Lord, you have done all things well. Blessed be your precious name.
  • Thank you for health for every member of the fellowship. Thank you for keeping our world in perfect peace in spite of the skirmishes here and there, you kept our world in perfect peace and that is why we can meet again to say thank you. We appreciate you O God. We can never thank you enough. Great is your faithfulness. Blessed be your name.
  • Thank you for the flow of your anointing. We appreciate you, O God, for terminating every woe. Thank you for transformation of lives. Thank you for giving us new songs. Every day we see your mercy. Thank you blessed Lord. Thank you for your goodness. Thank you for your grace. Thank you for your faithfulness. We can never thank you enough. Please accept us O God, accept our thanksgiving. We give you praise in Jesus mighty name we pray.
  • Thank God that you are part and parcel of this great move. Appreciate him; don’t ever take it for granted. Thank God for giving you a family. If you observe the life of those who don’t have one, then you will appreciate what God is doing. Thank him for connecting you to a wonderful move in this end time though Holy Ghost Fellowship International.
  • Thank him for the anointing for global impact that is swinging the gates of nations open internationally. Worthy are you Lord, to receive all our praise and all the glory and all the thanks and all the honour and adoration and all the praise. Thank you so much, Lord, blessed be your name, faithful are you Lord. Accept all our praise and thanksgiving, in Jesus mighty name we pray. Amen.


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