operation 18:18

2021/2022 OPERATION 18-18 DAY 4C (LOVE GOD)

Anyone who misses Christ has missed the way; anyone who misses the way has missed everything and will end up in hell. Hell was not designed for man; it was designed for Satan and his demons. A place designed for demons should not be man’s final resting place. Man has an option, it is a matter of choice, it is a matter of the will. Part of the image and likeness of God in man is the freedom of choice; freedom to decide. Man could have become a mannequin, a zombie, if God had imposed his will on man. But God decided to make man after his own image in the exercise of will.

Man was free to choose. But there lies the problem because man – from origin, a perfect man, could not make right decisions because of misplacement of value. Adam was not a worshipper; that was the major issue. Today, the Church is busy making Adams out of people who go to Church instead of making Jesus out of them. Every Pastor has one project or the other which requires hand lifters. As such they put structures in place with people to run them and in the end they miss God.

It is easy to make workers out of people who should have been true worshippers. God is looking for worshippers. Can the two go together? Yes. If you get the worship dimension right, then work will become worship. Every assignment will be worship. Cleaning of the Church will be done with joy and not viewed as something that is demeaning. You will not be moved by titles. If you make somebody who is not a worshipper a worker and you teach the person prosperity message, you will produce an idolater. That is the greatest error in the Church today. I am saying this as an intercessor; with pain in my heart. A lot of the teachings and activities in the Church today are earthbound.  Worship is not what you do. Worship is who you are. At the heart of worship is loving God.

Pray –

  • Lord, for your love for me as an individual and for mankind as a whole, I appreciate you. Do not allow me to take your love and my relationship with you for granted.
  • Grant me grace to value you above all else in my heart. Today, I am ready to throw away every idol in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • Make me a true worshipper. Help me to worship you in spirit and in truth all the days of my life. I pray for myself and every member of my family.
  • Lord, have mercy on your Church. Have mercy on everyone that is producing earth bound Christian workers and inadvertently multiplying idolatry.


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