We need to celebrate our heavenly father for his thoughtfulness; for the greatest miracle on earth – the miracle of salvation. That is the greatest definition of love. God could have done without man but he decided to make man in his own image and likeness. True love elevates. True love uplifts. Any love that does not uplift amounts to lust, a perversion. True love ennobles. True love makes somebody out of nobody; it makes something out of nothing.

Love is a word that is often used but seldom understood. Man was the apogee, the quintessential of God’s creation. A perfect God created a perfect environment and decided to create a perfect man and gave man the lord tenancy over the planet earth. God gave man only one command but man failed woefully because the heart condition of man was wrong. Failure begins from the garden of the heart. The heart of Lucifer deceived him; he wanted to be like God. That arrogation; trying to be what he was not meant to be, led to his dethronement and ultimate downfall. The angels that sympathized with him were also banished.

It is imperative for us to understand that we are serving a thrice holy God. We also need to understand the salvation message from the fall of Lucifer. Many times, people start from the fall of man instead of starting from the fall of Lucifer. An understanding of this will enable us appreciate what God has done for us. This will enable you place more value on your salvation.

Lucifer fell in the garden of his heart. Why did man fall? You cannot adequately maintain what you do not desperately treasure. If you study the lifestyle of children who are born with silver spoon, you will discover that many of them grow up with entitlement mentality thinking that everyone owes them something. Many times, they “leak” in very vital areas. Today, there are many successful parents who cannot entrust their wealth to their children.

The greatest problem of man is misplaced value. Man lives, man walks, man talks, man thinks, man does everything as if he will not die. He easily forgets that he is a pilgrim here on earth. Those who are lavished with so much attention do not usually treasure their benefactor. It is all about worship. If you miss it in the area of worship, you will miss God; you are likely to take God for granted. This is the problem of most messages that are preached today. The Church is raising more workers than worshippers.

Pray –

  • Dear Heavenly Father, I worship and adore you. Make it impossible for me to ever take you for granted all the days of my life in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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