Vital Lessons from the Wise Men

2. They took a quality decision.
Looking up will enable you take a quality decision. Because the wise men were looking up, they were able to do this.  These men left everything they were doing just because they saw a sign in heaven. What you expect is what you will see. If they were not looking, they wouldn’t have seen. Today, we believers say Jesus is coming soon, but are we looking in the direction of his coming? What is our interpretation of his coming? In his first coming, the wise men got the signal that he had come because they were looking up. Those who don’t have their affections set on the things that are above will be earthbound. They will not even hear the sound of the trumpet. That is why you must take a quality decision today – quality decision to be a God chaser. Quality decision to be a seeker of Jesus Christ. Quality decision to look up and to keep looking up from whence your help comes. It takes a quality decision to be able to analyze the signals of heaven as you receive them. Quality decision to be tuned to the frequency of heaven and never to be distracted, never to be deluded and never to derail. It was because the wise men were looking that they saw and when they saw, they decided to pay homage. They left everything and took that decision. Why? Placement of value in their heart. We all gravitate towards what we actually love. Tell me what you are chasing and I will tell you what you love. That was why Jesus asked Peter – do you really love me more than these? (John 21:15). Do you love me more than food? The quality of your decision is what is going to define your destination. There are so many distractions in the world today and they are like banana peel on your path.

Pray –

  • Lord, please help me. I need your grace to tune irreversibly to the frequency of heaven. Grant me grace to take quality decisions that will determine my destiny in you.
  • Make it impossible for me to be distracted. Help me not to be a rat chaser when the house is on fire. Help me, O God, in the name of Jesus Christ, to be timely, and able to interpret heavenly signals. Grant me the wisdom, O God, to know the times and seasons and what your people ought to do in the name of Jesus. May your second coming not take me unawares in the name of Jesus Christ. Thank you blessed Lord, in Jesus’ name.
  • Lord, look into my destiny path and roll away every banana peel. Anything that is capable of derailing your purpose for my destiny, Lord, sweep it away; let it dissolve and disappear in the name of Jesus. Send your ministering angels to take it out of my way and establish me to make steady progress in the direction of heaven in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen.


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