There are three vital areas where we need to set our priorities right:

  1. Money – some call it career, profession, business, occupation or trade. The bottom line is money. You need money to make ends meet.
  2. Family
  3. God

For most people in the world today, this is the order of priority. They chase money, make money and lavish it on self and family and then use God to make more money. They seek a God to use, not a God to worship or serve. This is modern day idolatry; using God and loving things.

What is the right order?

  1. God
  2. Family
  3. Money

When you put God first in your life, he will ensure that you are always the first, it is only a matter of time. Whatever you surrender to God does not diminish. Whatever you give to God is enhanced. When you place God first, he will lift you. If man is lifting you, you will not go far because he can only lift you as high as his hand can go. But if your lifting is from God, the sky will not be your limit. Give God your best and he will ensure that you always have the best to give. If you decide today to always give God the highest denomination in your pocket, you will be amazed what will happen to you within a year; I am a living testimony.

The first time the Lord took me to a Church in the USA in my dream, I gave my offering in dollars. At that time, I had no idea that I will ever travel to the USA. However, five years later, precisely April 26 1991, I was airborne to the USA all expenses paid. I worshipped at a Church, Full Gospel Church, Downtown Rochester and as I was about to drop the offering, I was reminded of that dream I had five years earlier. Later the Lord taught me to give the best. The second time I had the opportunity to go to the USA, I gave the highest denomination at that time. Any time you are giving to God and you are not excited, watch it. Something is terribly wrong. There is a spirit that wants you to be poor.

There is nothing you release to God that is not enhanced. No one can give more than God. No one can elevate, endorse, celebrate, bless, favor, shield and supply all your needs more than God because he supplies according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.


  • Determine in your heart from today to always give God your very best.


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