May you come to the point where if God does not show you, then you don’t need it. You should not be bothered about what God has not shown you. God has revealed everything to us in his word, but people are too lazy to study. They rather go for someone who can divine for them without bothering about the spirit behind their power. If the spirit is wrong, the vision can never be right. It is so easy to be contaminated. That is one of the ways by which people get entangled.


  • I take authority over every false prophet that has ever operated in my life, I raise the blood of Jesus against them. I cut off from them. As far as the east is separated from the west, I decree that the blood of Jesus separates me from anything that is contaminated with lies in Jesus’ name.
  • I come in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth against any lying spirit trying to manipulate my destiny or the destiny of any of my loved ones contrary to the purpose of God, I bind you and cast you into the bottomless pit. I destroy your works in the name of Jesus. In the name of Jesus Christ, lose your hold now.

A lot of people who come to see me come with the intention for me to see vision for them, I marvel. God does reveal things to me, but the way these people want it is not the way God wants to present it to them. What they need is to get out of the pit so that they can see. However, they don’t want to see, they rather prefer to have someone see for them. How do you help such people?

The wife of a fraudster once consulted me requesting that the only prayer she wants from me is for her husband’s business to prosper. She said once her husband’s business is doing well, she will be fine with her children. She was very forceful about it. I was so impressed about her concern for her husband but immediately the Holy Spirit cautioned me. So, I asked her the nature of her husband’s business, she could not really come out to tell me, she kept beating about the bush trying to describe her husband’s business, until I voiced it out that her husband is a fraudster. She answered in the affirmative. I rebuked her for coming to me with such a request – to pray for her husband’s fraudulent business to prosper. I was so angry in spirit and told her that I was going to pray instead for the business to collapse and that her husband be delivered so that he can start doing a legitimate business. She ran away and never came back. A lot of people are not ready to make heaven. Some don’t even believe that heaven exists.

Verse 2 of II Peter 2 says many will follow their evil teachings one of which is that there is nothing wrong with sexual sins. Today there is nothing wrong with having gay bishops and gay priests! Sadly, a lot of influential people are the apostles of this madness. The world is sick; we are living in a dangerous time. Have you ever seen two male dogs mate? It only shows the level of degeneration. Those who preach against it are labeled judgmental. Yes! A spiritual Christian judges all things and is not judged by any (1 Cor 2:15).


  • Lord, is there anything that I am condoning which you hate? Father, expose it and help me to drop it. Show me anything that I should drop that I am condoning. I do not want to carry it anymore. Help me not to carry any overload. Do not allow me to pray that you bless what I ought to repudiate.
  • Grant me the grace to clean up and flee from every appearance of evil in the name of Jesus. I pray for myself, I pray for every member of my family and every member of Holy Ghost Fellowship International and those who are being impacted by this ministry all over the world.
  • I pray for your Church worldwide. Lord, I ask you O God to reach out to every one of them in the name of Jesus. Pour your spirit of revival in the name of Jesus. Let the spirit of conviction visit every member of the fellowship and everyone who is connected one way or the other to this ministry to break away from their wicked ways.
  • Anyone that has been deceived, Lord, today, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, deliver them in the name Jesus. Let them lose their sleep until they drop everything they need to drop and follow you in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • Lord, I ask for your wonderful conviction by your Holy Spirit. Let it spread so that your children may be better off. Thank you for hearing us. Through you we shall do valiantly in Jesus’ name.


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