Covenant of healing and health


We have several testimonies of the healing power of God in this ministry. A brother, who happens to be a staff of my personal assistant, was attacked by a group of hoodlums who smashed his head with a full bottle of wine. He was rushed to the hospital unconscious. On seeing his condition, the hospital refused to admit him and instead advised that he should be taken to a teaching hospital which is better equipped for an emergency. He was eventually admitted in a private hospital. X-ray and scan reports revealed that he would require brain surgery. He was referred to a government hospital where doctors confirmed the need for brain surgery.

My personal assistant rushed to me with this report immediately after service on a Sunday and pleaded with me to go with him to the hospital to pray for his staff who was still unconscious. I reached out for a bottle of anointing oil which was on the altar and asked him to go and anoint the man with it. Miraculously, after the prayer of faith and the administering of the anointing oil, the brother recovered fully without any brain surgery and resumed for work after over two weeks. On 1st January 2022, this brother surrendered his life to Christ at Holy Ghost Fellowship International during our cross over service to the glory of God.

I got a call from the husband of one of our beloved Sisters that she suddenly passed on. I prayed and asked the man to anoint her with oil. He obeyed. After a while, she sneezed and came back to life. Today, she is alive and well, to the glory of God.

Another Sister was miraculously healed following multiple stroke after I prayed with her over the phone. She was fully restored and reinvigorated. She didn’t need anyone to help her walk. This is what God can do!


  • Father, we cannot thank you enough; you have been good to us. Thank you for the healing anointing that is flowing in this ministry. For all these testimonies and more, may your name be magnified and hallowed. Many are the wonderful things you have done. They are more than can numbered.
  • We appreciate you for keeping us healthy. When we were down, you lifted us. Jesus Christ, you are the same yesterday, today and forever. You have been good to us. You are wonderful. Blessed be your precious name. We honor you. Thank you so much for all you have been to us. Thank you, eternal rock of ages, great is your faithfulness to us as individuals and as a fellowship.
  • Thank you for making your word profitable in our lives. Thank you for making your word real in our lives. Thank you Lord. It can only be you. We return all the glory to you and say may your name be magnified.
  • 2021 was a wonderful year for us as a fellowship; by your grace 2022 will be better in all ramifications. Thank you blessed Lord. We started this year with you on a note of thanksgiving; by your grace, we will end it on a note of bigger thanksgiving because you are on the throne and our everlasting Father, the King of glory, the inexhaustible source of every good thing. All good and perfect gifts come from you. You are worthy to be celebrated and adored.
  • Wherever we look, Lord, we see your hand. Everywhere we go, we see your goodness, your love and your kindness and your faithfulness. For these, we say thank you so much. Accept all our praise in Jesus name. Amen!


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