Covenant of healing and health
Sunday service


I love the interplay between the oil dimension and the fire dimension. Wherever there is no fire, every kind of evil beast will be in operation. It takes carriers of the fire of the presence of God to keep wild beasts away. It takes the fire of the presence of God to break into the territory of the enemy and take back what has been stolen from you. It takes fire to exercise dominion. No fire, no dominion. It is not about titles and emblems; it is about how much fire you carry. What keeps the fire burning? Oil of course! Oil keeps the fire burning.

One beautiful thing about the fire of his presence is that it offers you a healing service. Some viruses cannot stand the fire, they die on their own at certain temperatures. I want this fire of God’s presence to intensify in your life this year in the mighty name of Jesus.

At the first Bible School I attended, our instructor was teaching us about family life and at a point, she stood up and said we should hold the hand of someone around us and pray against whatever is hindering the marriage of that person, commanding it to give way. The fire of the presence of God enveloped me immediately and because that ministry did not believe in deliverance, I kept to myself while every other person found a partner to pray with. A young lady suddenly left her sit and reached out to me. Reluctantly, I stretch out my hands to her. As soon as my hand touched hers, she screamed and started rolling on the floor scattering the seats in the auditorium. Our instructor and the over three hundred people in the auditorium looked at me in astonishment. The fire of the presence of God will announce you; that is why I don’t go for titles, it is not necessary. I go for more fire instead.

I want you to be a revivalist. When you carry fire, you need not talk. Things will just begin to happen around you. As a result of lack of fire in our cathedrals, even occultists officiate as priests. What a shame! We need to break away from such things and press into what God has in store for us. There is no substitute for the fire of the presence of God. You either have it and walk in dominion over darkness or you don’t. You need the fire of God’s presence now more than ever before. This is because thick darkness is about to cover the earth. Lift up your hands and

Pray –

  • Lord, I need more fire in the name of Jesus Christ. I need this oil, fresh oil on daily basis to keep the fire burning, fire of your presence, your glory fire, please help me in Jesus name.

The Bible says the fire on the altar shall not go down (Lev 6:12-13). You are an altar. It is not proper for the fire on the altar to go down. It must be kept burning. What keeps the fire burning even in the tabernacle is the oil. There are people whose duty it is to be pouring fresh oil into the fire regularly. I pray that you will optimize this fire.


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