Covenant of Supernatural abundance


The fresh oil is also the oil of supernatural abundance. Never forget that. It is the oil of bountiful fruitfulness. It is the oil of fat and flourishing. When you strike oil you say bye to poverty. I remember reading an article after Ghana discovered oil, they said formerly they were running but now they will start flying. Unfortunately, in Nigeria the story is slightly different because of the resource curse on the land. Let us pray that God would have mercy on his church in Nigeria because the healing of the nation must start from the church. The healing of the church must start from the home. The healing of the home must start from man. God is still looking for a man that can stand in the gap.

One of the best decisions anybody can take is the decision to be pure in the heart. Purity is power and it is a heart issue. Get it right there and then you be a carrier of the presence of God everywhere you go, and the blessings that follow those who are connected to God will increase and multiply in your life. Before long you become a miracle looking for where to happen. May that be your testimony this year, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. If you are highly favored and you are blessed by heaven nobody can put you down. The resources of heaven are enough to make you shine and to make you everything God wants you to be. 

Genesis 17:1-7

Verse 6-7; “And I will make thee exceeding fruitful, and I will make nations of thee, and kings shall come out to thee. And I will establish my covenant between me and thee and thy seed after thee in their generations for an everlasting covenant, to be a God unto thee, and to thy seed after thee.”

We are still connected to this wonderful generational blessings that God established with Abraham. We tap into this when we give our lives to Jesus Christ. Observe how God projected into the mind of somebody who was barren at the age of ninety nine what he was going to do. When God steps in impossibility becomes possible. When God steps into that matter, science no longer determines the outcome. With God there is nothing impossible. Barrenness is a human phenomenon. God can make the barren become a nation. That’s what God did in the life of Abraham. He converted his name from Abram to Abraham and Serai to Sarah. God is interested in names because names have to do with destinies and I have seen this personally. I have seen somebody change his name and God changed his destiny. I have seen people change their names and things turned around in their lives. There is a member of this fellowship that changed his name after listening to this message in one of our operation 18:18 and his life has not remained the same. Full of testimonies in line with the new name. So if God puts it in your heart to change a bad name why delay? Name talks about covenant, destinies. Names are prophetic; I will encourage you, if you have a bad name, change it. Rededicate your life and ask God to change your destiny and he will do. There are names that attract good things. Think about them. Why not have those names? Celebrate those names. The name of the Lord will be magnified in your life in Jesus name.


  • If you have a bad name, change it.


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