consuming fire


I love power encounter. During one of our deliverance sessions, a woman transformed into a monster and rushed at me to harm me. My initial instinct was to dodge but suddenly, a holy anger welled up within me and I turned towards her. I stretched forth my hand, which was full of fire, to touch her forehead but even before my hand could reach her, she was lifted and started manifesting all manner of beasts and the demons in her started speaking loudly. To the glory of God, in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, the demons were cast out and the woman was instantly transformed. She later told me that she heard a voice telling her to strangle me during the deliverance session.


  • Father, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, let the pure fire from your presence go forth right now and judge every strange fire anywhere that has been kindled against your purpose for my destiny, any member of my family and anyone connected to this ministry in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.
  • Lord, I thank you for your judgment fire. Whenever we sleep and the enemy comes to attack us, let your fire exterminate them and any contrary power fighting against your purpose for our destiny. 
  • Let your fire exterminate any evil altar promoting strange fire against us, wherever that altar is, let the fire of your presence judge that altar in the name of Jesus Christ.
Facts about the Fire

3. The fire of the presence of God, the fire on the altar is a healing fire. I used to have attack of malaria every week. On consulting a doctor, he recommended a drug I should be taking every five days. Whenever I missed the five days calculation, the malaria will strike again forcefully. It was so bad. The good news is that when the fire of the presence of God that the Holy Spirit deposited in my hand some years back, returned in 1993, the malaria disappeared completely to the glory of God. We need to desire so much fire of the presence of God that any evil that touches us will be destroyed. Fire makes you a touch-not person. The reason why evil birds are operating freely in the environment is because no one is judging them. 

There is so much activity in the Church today but where is the fire? If we are all carrying the level of fire we ought to carry, we can send spiritual terrorists to the desert where they rightly belong. Standing on their ruins we shall fly the banner of the Lord. That is what God desires for us. You need to be healthy in order to be a healing agent. 

When God puts the fire of his presence in you, he is not thinking about you alone, he wants to make you a healing agent in a sick world. There are so many sicknesses and diseases in the world today. We need to desire to come close to God because those who worship God from afar cannot carry the fire, they can’t even contact it. It is called the glory fire. The glory is not found on the surface, at the gate or at the outer court, it is not even found at the holy place. The glory of God resides in the Holy of holies. I pray that we shall all carry so much fire this year that the enemy will not be able to withstand our presence. Whenever we appear, evil will disappear, witches will disappear, sickness will disappear, death will disappear, satanic agents and agents of darkness will bow, agents of defilement will be consumed. You can carry so much of this fire inside of your system for physical, spiritual, emotional healing.


  • Jesus, you are the baptizer in Holy Ghost and fire, please baptize me with Holy Ghost and fire. I need fire for the journey; I don’t want to be an ordinary Christian this year, I ask you to empower me. I ask you to endow me with fire from above; envelop me with your glory fire in the name of Jesus. Immerse me in the center of your glory fire in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • Encompass me with the fire of your presence and make me a carrier of this fire all the days of my life. As I step out and as I come in, let your fire continue to burn. Let it consume every sickness, disease, anything the enemy has brought about to hinder, fetter, derail, distract, discourage and disappoint me. Lord, let the fire of your presence go ahead and burn them in the mighty name of Jesus.
  • Let the glory of your presence be manifest in my life. Let the blessings of your presence be manifest in every facet of my life in Jesus’ name.
  • Thank you Lord because you who keep watch over me do not sleep nor slumber. As I sleep, let your fire continue to burn; let it continue to be aglow in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • Anywhere I appear, let evil disappear by the thunder of your power in Jesus’ name.


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