beautiful gate



1. Names are prophetic.
No matter your present condition or situation, you will fulfil the prophetic agenda of God for your life in the mighty name of Jesus. Here, we see a contradiction, an ugly situation at the Beautiful gate. The anointing of the beauty at the gate had to turn things around to the extent that the ugly situation became a wonder. That is exactly how God works. Whatever the enemy has used to mock your Christianity will soon disappear and become a testimony in the powerful name of Jesus. It does not really matter what the problem is, whether it is as a result of the circumstances of your birth or where you come from, the history is not important; what matters is your location. Some people actually carried the lame man to the beautiful gate daily and they had done so for several years. The intention was to enable the man collect alms from passersby. They never knew that God had a prophetic agenda and a special timing. They never knew that the beautiful gate anointing was going to transform the life of the lame man and turn his life around. Your blessings are locational. If God wants to bless you, he will place you in the location where he intends to visit. However, you can decide to talk a walk on the day of his visit. One common thing I discovered lately is that people think that they can choose where to meet with God. God is everywhere, no doubt, he is omnipresent but he told Elijah exactly where to go. The children of Israel could have determined where to worship God but God preferred the tabernacle and gave a specification for it, he said, “there, I will meet with you” (Exo 25:22).

One of the terrible things that the covid-19 did was to dislocate people from the place called ‘there’. There is a place where God wants his children to converge, he said, “there I will meet with you”. You don’t worship God according to your own terms; you worship God according to his own terms. He is the almighty. He is sovereign over all. That particular day, the lame man thought it was business as usual. All the man did was to position himself at the Beautiful gate, that was all. May you be found at the right location in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. If the man had decided to stay at home or any other place, that miracle would not have happened. Zacchaeus had to climb a tree in order to see Jesus. If you position yourself to see Christ, He will see you. He will not only see you, he will spend the day with you. All you need is one encounter with Christ and your life will never remain the same again. May you have that encounter this year in the name of Jesus. A Jesus encounter will terminate every mockery, change the situation and beautify your life. Every ugly situation at your beautiful gate will soon become a testimony in the name of Jesus.

  • Lord, please give me beauty for ashes. Father, bless me with beauty for every ash in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Do not pass me by.
  • Do not allow me to be dislocated on the day you have chosen to bless me. Do not allow the enemy to give me an assignment on your day of visitation.
  • Help me O God to position properly for your special visitation. Empower me to position myself so that you can visit me as you come in Jesus name.


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