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9. Overflow CONT’D
This overflow is not only limited to “goodies”, it includes the overflow of our love for God not overflow of God’s love for us because his love for us is already overflowing. Jesus did not go to the cross to die so that you can live anyhow, no! He went to the cross to teach you how to live a crucified life. If you want to be in the bride of Christ, that is how to live. The beginning of it all is – how much love do you really have for God? If you miss it at that level, nobody can make you a disciple. The cross is the greatest display of God’s love for man. The cross is the greatest symbol of worship – worthship. Jesus left everything he was in heaven to come down to save us; to die such a gruesome death on the cross. Crucifixion such a terrible and accursed thing that Roman citizens were exempted from. They were too dignified to die on the cross. Jesus Christ, however, took the shame and insult, he went to the cross and laid down his life for us. What manner of love! Where else can you find this kind of love? Today if a Pastor gives some members the assignment of cleaning the Church, they will protest and feel devalued. Meanwhile, in God’s kingdom, the way up is down. Before you start asking for the overflow of the blessings of God, ask for overflow of your love for God. That is the main thing.

Pray –

  • Ask for overflow of the love of God in your heart that will make you, melt you and mold you after the image and likeness of Jesus Christ, the eternal Son. That same spirit that is in Christ Jesus that made him to endure the cross because of the glory he saw ahead, ask God for it.
  • Ask for the heart of worship. We were not redeemed with corruptible things such as gold and silver.

We were redeemed with the precious blood of Jesus. Salvation is free but not free, it cost God his best. If you become a worshipper, giving God the best will be a thing of joy to you. Doing the will of God will become your delight. Jesus said my meat is to do the will of my father. The farther you move away from the cross, the less authentic you become. Whenever you promote carnality, you miss spirituality. That is what happens when you drift from the cross. It is only the cross that guarantees you a crucified life; a dead person cannot lust after anything.


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