Josh 3:5, “And Joshua said unto the people, Sanctify yourselves: for tomorrow the LORD will do wonders among you.”  This is a command. Whenever you see a command in the word of God, pause for a moment because an action is required from you. It is your responsibility and very important for us to begin to take responsibility for our actions. One of the things that man lost in Eden is the ability to do this very simple thing. When man fell he started passing buck, he said the reason why he fell was because of the woman God gave him. In other words if God had not given him the woman, he wouldn’t have failed. That is where buck passing originated. The fallen nature in man does not want him to take responsibility for his actions. Not taking responsibility for one’s actions does not make things better but worse.

“Sanctify yourselves” has both corporate and personal applications; in other words, you must sanctify yourself! It is so easy for us to isolate ourselves from this command thinking that it was only meant for the children of Israel in the wilderness. The children of Israel in the wilderness are just like us in the world today. Whatever you see in the Old Testament is a type of that which is to come. We are the people living it.

The requirement for the wonders of God has not changed since then. If you want to see or experience the wonders of God in any area of your life, the divine prescription remains, sanctify yourself. It has not changed. Today, people want to see the wonders of God but they are not ready for sanctification. We must understand that the God we serve is a thrice holy God. No sanctification, no wonders. Anywhere you go and you see wonders without sanctification, take note that it is a lying wonder. Any wonder that does not proceed from comprehensive sanctification is a lying wonder, run! Don’t go there.

There are many spiritual acrobats out there today. When people are not ready to sanctify according to the word of God, they get into spiritual acrobatics. What is God telling his children? You want to see my wonders? Clean up! That is the first thing you need to do and it starts from looking inwards not outside. It begins from the garden of the heart; it begins from inward search. ‘Lord, is there any way that I’m missing it with respect to your instructions in holiness, righteousness and in the manifestation of your wisdom?’ There is cleansing in the blood of Jesus. The provision is there for us.

Pray –

  • Psalm 139:23-24.


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