The fourth type of prayer Jesus said was actually before he got to the tomb of Lazarus – “Our friend Lazarus sleepeth; but I go, that I may awake him out of sleep” (John 11:11b). This is a prophetic prayer. A lot of people don’t know that there is a very close relationship between intercession and prophecy. There was a prophetess in the Bible who never gave any prophecy except prayer, her name is Anna (Luke 2:36). Prophecy is not only foretelling but also forth-telling. Many times when I prophesy, a lot of people do not even realize it but because I need them to connect after prophesying, I will just declare ‘say amen!’

Many years back, a Sister who was pregnant came to me sobbing with a report that she was bleeding profusely and was so devastated. I said to her, ‘what you are seeing is blood which is washing your system, your pregnancy is still intact’. She was just looking at me and probably saying in her heart, what is he talking about? I understood what was going on and I commanded her to ‘say amen!’ I was much younger then, so I was a bit radical. I practically forced the ‘amen’ from her.

When she got home, however, the bleeding continued and her husband advised her to go and flush her womb. She said No, Brother Tony said my pregnancy is still intact. From this, you can see that you must agree for there to be a performance. The bleeding continued and even intensified. At some point, her husband had to force her to go to the hospital where she was told that there was need for them to evacuate. She got home and continued her confession.

The devil continued to wedge all manner of attack on this Sister to the extent that she had boils all over her body and could hardly sleep. I went to see her and began to speak prophetic words into her life. Commanding prayer works after you have done your assignment of groaning. Never you command until you have connected. I commanded the boils to dissolve and disappear and made decrees to reinforce the prophecy that the pregnancy would not be aborted. God intervened. This Sister gave birth to a set of twins and it was the same doctor who prescribed evacuation that took the delivery of the babies.

Your miracle will not be aborted in the mighty name of Jesus. Just imagine the kind of faith the sister had! This miracle started producing miracles in the lives of other people who heard about it. You need the prophetic eye. See it, say it. Confession goes before your possession! Don’t allow the devil put the wrong words into your mouth. In the place of prayer, let your confession align with the word of God which is the revealed will of God and then say it with your mouth. If you believe in your heart, you will see what you say if you continue to say it. The Bible says you shall decree a thing and it shall be established (Job 22:28).


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