If you study the book of Psalms, you will notice how David shifts from one type of prayer to another – repentance, petition, supplication, praise and so on. Different situations require different prayers. There is a time to stop praying and speak to the situation. When we were building our house, I was at the site where the workers were busy about to start the landscaping on a particular day. All of a sudden, immediately after they finished mixing the cement, sharpsand and granite, the weather changed and clouds gathered about to pour down heavily. The masons started mocking saying, “he is a man of God, let him do something”. They were saying it even to my hearing. In my mind, I was also doing some calculations of how much we were about to lose if there was a downpour.

At a point, I became angry in spirit. By that time, it had started drizzling. I came out in the open, pointed at the sky, commanded the rain to stop in the name of Jesus Christ and sent it elsewhere if it must rain. That settled it. Within few minutes, the cloud cleared and the workers continued their work. To the glory of God, it rained heavily in the surrounding areas – few meters away from the site.

If you are casting out devils and you start saying things like, “O heavenly father, how wonderful it will be if you can just remove these demons”. The demons will just be enjoying themselves having a wonderful time even as you pray. You need to get angry in the spirit and issue a command – “you foul spirit, I take authority over you in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, lose your hold”. The demon will depart immediately.


  • Ask God to help you to never disappoint Him where ever He has placed you.
  • Ask him to always lead and guide you and put the right command that will bring a miracle in your mouth in the name of Jesus.
  • Father, your disciples asked you to teach them how to pray, we ask you O God to always help us to pray aright. Grant that we will never pray amiss again in the name of Jesus.
  • Thank you Lord for your interventions even when I did not know how to pray, thank you so much. Out of your loving kindness, you did not allow me to see shame and dishonour. I have seen incredible moves of your spirit and your wonderful interventions. Take all the glory in Jesus’ name.
  • Please do not allow me to be disobedient. Help me to be prompt in obedience in the name of Jesus. May I never delay whenever your spirit leads me to do something in the name of Jesus.
  • Grant me grace to walk with you. Help me to mature in the name of Jesus. Improve my prayer life in the name of Jesus and pray through me. Grant me grace to learn the different dimensions of prayer in the name of Jesus.
  • Jesus, your Son never prayed amiss. From today, Father, make it impossible for me to pray amiss in the name of Jesus. Thank you mighty God, I depend on you.
  • Let your spirit supernaturally empower me and may I always be spot on in Jesus’ mighty name I pray. Amen!

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