The very presence of God guarantees fullness of joy. Those who don’t have God’s presence know no joy. Some people feel that being joyful has to do with having all you are chasing. It has nothing to do with that. A lot of people have things even to overflow dimension but they have no joy. Why? It is because joy can only be found in the presence of God. The Bible makes it very clear – “In thy presence is fullness of joy; At thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore” (Psa. 16:11). Joy is a fruit of the Holy Spirit. You cannot purchase joy with money that is why the richest are not necessarily the most joyful. Some of them cannot even sleep until they take drugs.

We must learn to be thankful for what we have and for whom God has made us. May we never lose sight of that in Jesus’ name. May your praise and worship always proceed from the innermost recesses of your being. That is what is acceptable to God. When you get addicted to praise and worship, the presence of God will be all over you and joy of the Lord will encompass you. The joy of the Lord is your strength and with this joy, you will draw from the wells of salvation. That is what the presence of God guarantees. May you not lose your joy all the days of your life in Jesus’ name.

Whatever attacks your joy attacks your ability to draw from the wells of salvation and all the good things you can imagine are found in that warehouse – the beautiful things that God has packaged for his children. The connecting rod is joy. Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you with this joy.

Pray –

  • If your joy has ever been tampered with, ask God for restoration. Joy restored is power consolidated.
  • Ask God to consolidate his power in your life. Anything that the enemy has programmed to steal your joy, use the power in the blood of Jesus to deprogramme it.
  • Deprogramme whatsoever the enemy has configured or programmed in the realm of the spirit to tamper with, steal or demean your joy. Use the blood of Jesus to deprogramme it.
  • In the name above every other name, it stands deprogrammed in the name of Jesus Christ. I speak full restoration of your joy; your joy shall be full even to overflow dimension and the name of the Lord shall be magnified in Jesus’ name.


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