I have come to the realization that you can’t help anyone beyond the level the person is willing to be helped. Parents go through this pain a lot, they want the best for their children but many a times the child has a plan of his or her own. Selfish Christianity is the worst type of Christianity anyone can practice. When you talk about the blood of Jesus, it is the blood of extreme sacrifice. Everything that was prophesied about the last days is being fulfilled very fast.

If you bring out your time to serve God, one of the things that God will give you is a harvest. The time you spend in the presence of God is a seed. God will ensure that your life is kept in order; he will give you more time so that you can invest in his kingdom. I once fell into the trap of using my spare time to play lawn tennis. God ensured that my racket got damaged. After repairs, I decided to go out one day to play and on bringing out the racket, I discovered that the same thing had happened; it was broken at exactly the same spot! I got the message and that was the last attempt I made to play lawn tennis.

How do you invest your time? What are you sowing? As long as the earth remains, seed, time and harvest shall not cease (Gen 8:22). Money is the cheapest thing you can sow. The time you invest in the things of God is more valuable than the money you give. This is because your life is measured in terms of time and not in terms of money. This is one of the weaknesses of the presentation of the prosperity message which reduced everything to money. If you don’t have money, does it mean that God has not blessed you? No! Invest in kingdom service. God rewards service, diligence and the quality of the service. Abel was a worshipper while Cain was a worker. Both of them brought sacrifices to God. Abel gave God the best and God blessed him. Cain, his brother, became jealous because his spirit was not right.

There is an acceptable way of worshipping God. Today, two classes of people go to Church – the Cain company and the Abel company. Are you in the Cain company? In the New Testament, we read the story of Mary and Martha. Mary could be called a lay about while Martha was the person who fixed things in the house, working. Mary stayed at the feet of Jesus while Martha was busy working. When Martha reported Mary to Jesus, he rebuked her and told her that Mary had made a better choice. The time you spend in the presence of God is a reflection of your heart worship – the value placement in your relationship with God. Remember that at the heart of worship is love. What you really love is what you devote your time to. That is what you pursue no matter how you try to cover it. You are either a worshipper or a worker. Unfortunately, in the Church today, there are more Marthas than Marys.

Pray –

  • Father, I want to give you my best for the rest of my life. I don’t want to be selfish with my Christianity, please help me in the name of Jesus.


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