Sunday service


The Bible says many are the wonderful things the Lord has done, they are more than can be numbered (Psa. 40:5). They are immeasurable and boundless. It has to be so for it to be from the almighty with whom there is no variableness neither is there any shadow of turning. God is the inexhaustible source of all good and perfect gifts. He is our Father, the Father of light. There is no problem or challenge facing you that is difficult for him to fix. If you believe this you will have a more settled countenance and assurance that he loves you enough to bequeath to you that which is ultimately beneficial.

Appreciate God for his boundless love. Appreciate him for who he is. Celebrate him. It is a wonderful privilege that you were born in due season. A lot of people struggle with the fact that God is our Father; they believe that God cannot beget neither can he be begotten. But we have that privilege. Think of a life without relationship with the almighty, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient one. Think of how empty, rough, dry and impossible life can be without God. That is why you see the kind of wickedness that is in the heart of people of other religions. Their wrong conclusion about reality produces wickedness in their hearts. If you don’t know God who is love himself, how can you experience it or give it? If you are not connected to the love of God how can you love your fellow man? For them, there is nothing like love. If you remove love from the equation what do you have? Dog eat dog.

  • Appreciate God for showing you the way, you are not wallowing in darkness; you know who love is and have seen it manifest in him; you have seen love demonstrated. Because you are connected to this flow, the river of life is flowing through you so that you can also express love, you can live it, you can touch lives.
  • Celebrate the faithfulness of God. Celebrate his love, kindness from the day you were conceived in our mother’s womb till date, he has been there for you fighting and giving you victories after victories, illuminating your path, driving away darkness, making your life better, drawing you closer and closer to him and showing you the right direction.
  • Thank him for his generosity in sending his Son to die so that we can become sons. That is the greatest demonstration of love on the cross. Give him all the glory. What a wonderful privilege to have the author and finisher of our faith as our pattern son. He has gone to prepare a place for us so that where he is there we will also be. Appreciate him.
  • For us, it is clear we are not struggling with the fact of who Jesus is or groping in the dark. Our path is the path of the righteous that shines like a shining light getting better every passing moment. Give him all the glory. Appreciate and celebrate the goodness of God in locating us while we were yet sinners. He died for us. He lifted us and gave us a song. Appreciate him.
  • Thank you Lord for the visible and invisible battles you fight and win for us. Thank you that we are not fighting for victory, we are operating from victory to victory. Take all the glory.
  • We have our confidence in you because you are dependable, you are immutable and you are almighty God. None can compare with you in glory. None can compare with you in wisdom. None can compare with you in might. Take all the glory.
  • Teach us, Lord, to walk with you. Help us to be all you want us to be in Jesus’ name. Amen!


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