2022/2023 OPERATION 18-18 – (“LET THERE BE LIGHT” III)

Everything God created was created for a purpose. You will begin to fulfill the purpose of God for your life in the name of Jesus. The glory of God will never again be demeaned in your life in the mighty name of Jesus. You must not follow the crowd otherwise you will end up in hell fire. The crowd is never headed in the right direction. Every wise person knows how to ride against the tide even in investment decisions.

 Pray –

  • Appreciate God for yet another opportunity to participate in another operation 1818. It is a time of celebration of the goodness of God. If you take stock, you will see that God has been good to us. He has been so faithful. Thank him for all his greatness.
  • Thank him for protection. Thank him for provisions. Thank him for preserving our lives. Thank him for his wonders. Thank him for giving us testimonies after testimonies. 
  • Thank him for shielding us from every attack of the evil one. Thank him for the visible and invisible battles he has fought and won for us. 
  • Thank him for the fresh oil; it has been a wonderful year of great testimonies (we had 26 days continuous miracles). God has been awesome.
  • Lord, you have been good to me. You have been good to my family. You have been good to us as a fellowship. You have been so faithful. Thank you for your faithfulness. Thank you for your grace and glory. Thank you for the power of your outstretched hand that brought us thus far.
  • Thank you for giving us victories after victories. Thank you for giving us testimonies. Thank you for incredible miracles including over-the-phone miracles in the name of Jesus.
  • Dear heavenly Father, grant that the light and joy of Christ will shine through our lives as a testimony of our Christian faith in the mighty name of Jesus.
  • Father, grant that I will come out of this fast glowing in the glory of God, shining for Christ, ready for signs and wonders in the mighty name of Jesus,
  • Father, I ask that you empower me. Keep my world in perfect peace in the name of Jesus.
  • Transform me and make me a transformer in the mighty name of Jesus.
  • Heal me in every sense and make me a healing agent in this sick world in the name of Jesus.
  • I ask that you perfect and fulfill my joy. Turn every mountain of prey to mountain of praise in the mighty name of Jesus.
  • Magnify your name and show forth in every facet of our lives in the name of Jesus.


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