• Lead me by your spirit. Put your seal of perpetual ownership upon me. Remove every evil seal of limitation.
  • Everything that the enemy is using to manipulate my destiny or can use to manipulate my destiny contrary to your purposive will, Lord, let it be utterly destroyed in the name of Jesus.
  • Guide me through the skillfulness of your hand to my allotted inheritance in you.
  • Here and hereafter, make me to succeed indeed, comprehensively in the name of Jesus. Thank you ancient of days. I look up to you from whom all blessings flow and I depend on you in Jesus’ name.
  • Lord, grant that none of those who are connected to this ministry one way or the other will be earthbound. When the trumpet shall sound grant that all of us will hear it and fly and go up, be caught up with you. None shall be left behind in the name of Jesus.
  • I ask you to make heaven more real to us than any earthly thing can ever be in the name of Jesus.
  • Grant that we shall not be deceived, deluded or distracted. Help us to be focused, tuned to the frequency of heaven in the name of Jesus.
  • In your spirit and by your spirit, O God, empower us. Help us always to hear the music of heaven in the name of Jesus Christ. Make us heavenly focused and earthly useful. Let our testimonies attract many souls to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ your Son.
  • Where others fail, make us to succeed in the name of Jesus.
  • Grace to continue to walk hand in hand with you, Father, bestow upon us in the name of Jesus.
  • Father, make my life more fruitful as I progress in my walk with you in the name of Jesus.

God has a programme for his children, the righteous – they shall yet bear fruit in old age (Psa. 92:14). Each time I take a look at the lives of some of God’s generals of our days, I just magnify the name of the Lord. All I see in them is progressive sanctification and I give God all the glory. But most importantly, these men are still bearing fruits even in their eighties. That is the real way to live.

What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul in hell? (Mark 8:36). None of us shall lose our soul. No member of our families shall lose their soul. Our lives shall get progressively better, more impactful in Jesus’ name.


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