God has a program for his children, the righteous – they shall yet bear fruit in old age (Psalm. 92:14). Each time I take a look at the lives of some of God’s generals of our days, I just magnify the name of the Lord. All I see in them is progressive sanctification and I give God all the glory. But most importantly, these men are still bearing fruits even in their eighties. That is the real way to live.

What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul in hell? (Mark 8:36). None of us shall lose our soul. No member of our families shall lose their soul. Our lives shall get progressively better, more impactful in Jesus name.

The presence of God is the greatest buster of barriers. If God’s hand is upon your life, no barrier or mountain can stand against you. No power, no blockade, no chain can hold you down. The presence of God breaks chains. I got this revelation not through the Bible but through praying for people with serious spiritual problems. I hadn’t been to Bible School by that time, I was only just serving God faithfully back then in 1993. We saw people who were chained and in serious spiritual bondage, terribly attacked and visibly sick. It was so difficult to look at some of them because if you did, you might not be able to pray for them.

I remember the first time I prayed for a woman with HIV virus. We didn’t have much information about the illness at that time except that it didn’t have a cure. As I was praying for her, I was battling with doubt. Suddenly, I had a very sharp rebuke in my spirit that “do I not know that it is the same anointing, the same Holy Spirit, the same power of God that heals headache that heals HIV/AIDS?” I repented immediately.

A lot of cases were brought to the deliverance room at that time and all we did was sing praises and before long the presence of God would fill the entire room and the people concerned would be slain under the anointing. By the time such people returned for service the next Sunday, there would be visible transformation.

The presence of God breaks yokes, moves mountains and destroys barriers. May we get addicted to his presence and as we do, intractable diseases, issues, stubborn situations will give way by the power of the presence of the almighty in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Don’t belittle the power of praise because it brings down the presence of God. God inhabits the praises of his people (Psalm 22:3). I love the saying that when you pray, God sends down his angels. When you praise, God comes down and when he touches mountains, they smoke.

Learn to engage God this period of fasting and praying, pressing to know him the more. Some of you will hear God speak to you for the very first time this season. It can be very exciting. Some of you will have heavenly encounters this period. Some of you will have a witness in your spirit that the thing which the enemy has used to steal your joy has dissolved and disappeared. You will see mountains move. Some of you will record strategic victories over the adversary. Some long standing issues will just dissolve and disappear. The miracle that you thought will take years to happen will take place in less than twenty four hours.

Pray –

  • Lord, I mean business with you. I have heard your word. I yield my heart to you and ask you to draw me into closer relationship with you in Jesus’ name, amen.


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