“For the LORD watches over the path of the godly, but the path of the wicked leads to destruction”

Psalm 1:6 NLT

The thought of not being alone makes me feel good, secure and grateful to God. He watches over me. There are so many privileges of being in the Lord, we must capitalize upon this so that our lives will cease to be ordinary and so that we don’t begin to clamor for what was never lost and wanting to be like another Joe out there. You have something that the world cannot give. The world does not know joy because true joy is a product of our connection to Christ. True joy is a deposit of the Holy Spirit, a function of his presence in our lives. What the world can give is temporary happiness. Happiness is circumstantial and evaporates, very ephemeral. Fullness of joy is found in the presence of God, at his right hand are pleasures forever more. That is what we need to press into. With joy you will draw everything from the wells of salvation. The devil is aware of this and that is why he attacks your joy so that you can lose connection and lose hope. That is the beginning of depression.

So many people in the world today are depressed and more and more people are getting into depression daily as a result of bombardment of hell in the garden of the heart. Therefore get it right from the garden. That is why you need to disconnect from ungodly assembly. God said in his word, do not forsake the assembly of the saints, those who do so do it at their own peril. We are not serving a God that cannot move. We are not serving a God that cannot hear. We are not serving a God that cannot heal. We are not serving a God that cannot deliver. There is absolutely no problem that God cannot solve and it does not take him anything to do it, just one word and the battle is over.

Remain connected to God because spiritual things are very slippery. If anyone tells you that things are going to be rosy in the world in the coming years, that person is not a student of prophecy neither is the person a student of the socio-political realities of the environment. The world is gravitating steadily towards a very massive collision. We, the saints of God, need to be prepared. If you take a look at the shakers and movers of the economy in the world today, you will understand why things are the way they are. The glory of God will shield and protect you. The glory of God will insulate you from every program of hell. The beautiful thing is that God knows how to make a Goshen out of Egypt for his children so that when others are saying “there is a casting down”, you will be singing – “lifted, lifted, Jesus has lifted me, I am lifted, highly lifted, Jesus has lifted me”. We are called to be above only. Receive the above only anointing; above lack, sickness, disease, death, hell, problems, unsatisfactoriness of things, poverty, scarcity, inflation, recession, suppression, repression, and corruption that is in this world that works through lust. Receive grace to soar above every limitation. You shall be above only never beneath in Jesus’ name.


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