There is a quantum of blessing that God can give you that will wipe away your tears and lift you. Get ready to access it. There is a God that reserves the best for the last, don’t give up even after crossing over into next year because there is going to be carryover of blessings. There will be an overflow. Wherever you find a flow, there must be a connection. The problem of people who go to Church today is partial connection. Partial connection can be dangerous. If you want a perfect flow, you must perfectly connect. Any power that is trying to disconnect you hates you and you should be angry enough in the spirit to deal with that power.

Pray –

  • Thank you Lord, you are the inexhaustible source of everything good, blessed be your name. Thank you for satisfying me from the goodness of your house and answering me by awesome deeds even in righteousness and showing me your merciful loving kindness. Thank you Lord, in Jesus’ name.

The way at which nonsense is being tolerated in the world today is alarming. I can understand it when it happens in the world but in the Church, I can’t understand it. How do you imagine a gay bishop in the Church? Any opinion that overrides the will of God is satanic. Any opinion that is antithetical to the will of God, which is the word of God, is from the pit of hell and should be treated as such. It is because a lot of people are not saying no to appearance of evil that evil has permeated the world and crept into the Church. How can a gay become a bishop? A gay is a pervert. A lesbian is a pervert of the highest order and as a matter of fact in dire need of deliverance. Once that devil is cast out, the person will become a normal human being. It is because the Church is not casting out enough devils that demons are operating freely everywhere even on the pulpit. Be passionate about enforcing righteousness in your domain. God has called us to be tramplers over snakes and scorpions. Jesus has not given us power in order to go and proselyte. He gave us power to be warriors, to be crushers.

“Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you”.

Luke 10:19 KJV

Exousia and Dunamis – dynamic and delegated power together, that makes you unstoppable. Christianity is not in titles neither is it fanfare. Christianity is warfare. It is wrong theology for people to be preaching otherwise.


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