When you walk with God, you walk in a fear-free zone. When you walk with God, you are guaranteed of protection, provision, preservation. God watches over the path of his children, he watches over the path of the upright, he watches over the path of the righteous. However, the path of the wicked leads to destruction. God causes the path of the righteous to shine from brightness to brightness unto a perfect day. Give God the glory. Make this confession – My path in life is the path of the righteous in Jesus’ name. The Lord will bless you and all the ends of the earth shall fear him. Very soon the difference will be very clear between those who serve God in spirit and in truth and those who are not serving him in spirit and in truth. It has been a wonderful year for us as a fellowship. Every passing moment reminds us that we are getting closer and closer to eternity. There will never be another 2022. 2022 was our year of fresh oil; the oil produced tangible, multidimensional results. This ministry is part of the fulfillment of prophecy; touching lives and making disciples globally to the glory of God.

  • Six countries were added to the fellowship to the glory of God bringing the total number of nations to one hundred and seventy-seven nations being impacted.
  • We had a 25-day streak of miracles/testimonies.
  • We saw the fresh oil produce in areas of promotion. Divine elevation is one of the effects of the oil. The oil upon your head is the oil of enthronement. Oil sets you apart. No king reigned in Israel without the oil. No prophet officiated without the oil.
  • Several international open doors.
  • Wonderful financial breakthroughs.
  • Divine connections. The anointing for divine connections is very strong in this ministry.
  • Uncommon divine favour. Oil makes you smell fine.
  • Accelerated progress
  • Multiple open doors
  • Divine protection
  • Classical healings
  • Wonderful deliverance miracles
  • Multiple Salvation of souls
  • Baptism by immersion. The Lord blessed us with a beautiful baptistery this year. The people were not only baptized, they were filled with the Holy Ghost the same day to the glory of God.

For these and more, we give God all the glory.

Pray –

  • Father, we thank you. We give you all the praise, glory, adoration, thanks. You are worthy of all our praise and thanksgiving.
  • Many, O Lord our God, are the wonderful things you have done. They are more than can be numbered.
  • We appreciate and bless your name. We give you praise. Great is your faithfulness. May your name be magnified and hallowed in the mighty name of Jesus.


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