Meditate on the victory of the cross. Meditate on victories after victories. Never you take a negative feedback; never make the enemy feel that he is winning in any battle. A lot of Christians don’t understand the nature of the battle neither do they understand the nature of the adversary. They team up with the adversary to cheat themselves of the blessings that God has in store for them and then they start looking for the enemy outside.

When people are not properly taught how to wage spiritual warfare, they tend to make everyone around them an enemy. That is one of the manifestations of darkness and the devil enjoys it. Anywhere you fight a battle and lose, it only means you didn’t engage God, you fought on your own and fought wrongly.  Part of satanic strategy is to deceive people, keep them busy fighting the wrong battle while leaving the real enemy. One very simple way he does it is by getting people to fight carnal battles – flesh and blood battle which I refer to as ‘civil war’.

Every ‘civil war’ is needless, useless and foolish war because any time you engage in it; you are leaving the real thing. Who is being entertained in a civil war? The devil! Spiritual warfare is real and it is not fought with rubber bullet.

The greatest battle is fought in the realm of the mind; the enemy focuses on your mind because your mind is your thinking self and whatever controls your thoughts controls you. “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he” (Pro. 23:7). We must therefore take the battle to where it belongs and get the right mindset, tune into the frequency of heaven and download the resources of heaven to fight the battle using God’s tested weapons: the name of Jesus, the blood of Jesus, the anointing of the Holy Ghost and the word of God which is sword of the spirit.

The word is multidimensional; put it in your mind. Win the battle of the mind through the word of God. If you remove the word of God from your mind, other things will take over. Anything that defeats you in the mind has defeated you physically. Please get glued to your Bible. Ensure that before the end of this year, you read through your Bible from Genesis to Revelations. I have already started doing the same and my focus is to finish reading through the entire Bible before the end of the year. I encourage you to mean business with God this year. Don’t worship God from afar. Those who worship God from afar end up looking for a God that was never lost.

If you are serving God and recording serial defeats, look inwards. The problem is not with God because the God of Israel knows no defeat. It is so easy to fight the wrong war. It is so easy to be ‘enemy-centric’ instead of being Theo-centric (God centric). Enemy consciousness steals joy; those who practice it get dried up, they do not have the joy of the Lord in them. They worship the enemy and the devil enjoys it. Nobody gets into this level of spiritual warfare and wins.

Make a conscious effort to grow. Don’t worship God from afar this year. Be addicted to the presence of God, learn of him and you will see that the God of Israel knows no defeat. He will give you victories after victories and your joy will be full to overflowing.


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