2022/2023 OPERATION 18-18 – (REND THE HEAVENS 2C)

  • Thank you precious Holy Spirit. How I need you! Fill me to overflowing and let your glory fire go forth. Let it burn. Let this fire devour. Let it consume anything that binds, anything that fetters and anything that hinders.
  • Let this fire nullify every influence of hell and position me, forever tuned to the frequency of heaven in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • I love you precious Holy Spirit. Thank you for your fire dimension. Make me a carrier of this fire all the days of my life. Thank you Lord, in Jesus name.
  • Lord, rend the heavens, come down. Come down in my family, come down in my marriage, come down in my business, come down in my ministry, come down in this nation, come down in your Church, touch every mountain, let it smoke in the mighty name of Jesus.
  • O God, rend the heavens and come down. Let your fire devour. Put off every strange fire. Overturn and overthrow every evil altar. Overturn and overthrow the thrones of iniquity set over this nation. Overturn and destroy every evil platform. Overturn and overthrow every evil leadership controlling things to work against your purpose for the destinies of your children in the name of Jesus.
  • Lord, let your fire fall and consume. Put off every strange fire kindled in this nation; every strange fire of baal, deception, manipulation, recession, witchcraft, idolatry, and dagon.
  • Let your fire leak up every dust, burn every evil river dry. Overturn and overthrow every throne of iniquity set over your people. Let the fire of your presence consume them in the name of Jesus.
  • Let this fire burn to ashes every wild beast of Bashan ravaging this nation in the name of Jesus. Chase it away in the mighty name of Jesus.

The fire of the Holy Ghost is a holy fire. It does not condone nonsense. Anyone who condones nonsense does not know the fire. It is the fire of sanctification; you can’t carry the fire of the presence of God and align with the world. The path of the wicked leads to destruction. No wise person condones wickedness because it has a generational repercussion. That is why the wise run away from evil. The Bible says there is no peace for the wicked.

Love without truth is lust; it is perversion. If you remove truth from love, there is nothing left. To let you know the weight of sin, it is the truth side of God that judged sin on the cross and took his Son to go there and die. That is the greatest demonstration of love. The Bible is a very technical book but a lot of people take it as a story book and that is why they live anyhow and die anyhow.

When you find the fire, you must treasure it. Don’t allow anything rubbish your testimony. You must realize that you are a very carrier of the power and presence of the triune Godhead. If you are attending a Church where you are told that you can live anyhow, you are in a wrong place. Do yourself a favour, leave! The issue of sin is very serious, don’t ever toy with it.

Psa. 25:10 says, “All the paths of the LORD are mercy and truth unto such as keep his covenant and his testimonies”. The mercy and truth side of God fused together at the cross. The mercy side is the horizontal side while the truth side is the vertical side. The truth side of God judges sin. Nothing defiled can make it to the third heaven. If you ever become an ‘eagle’, you have consigned yourself to the atmospheric heaven. That is exactly what a lot of preachers are raising today – lions and eagles; earthbound Christians.

Pray –
  • Father, every strange fire that has been kindled in your Church, please put it off in the mighty name of Jesus.


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