Idolatry has to be confronted because it is an aggressive sickness of the heart. If you don’t confront idolatry, it will not shift. It is a serious and aggressive sickness that is more wicked than cancer in the spirit realm. Idolatry is perversion of worship. The devil knows the power of worship because he was the worship leader in heaven before he fell. Idolatry is the worship of the creature instead of the Creator and it is a very cheap sin in spite of the fact that it is aggressive. It is a cheap sin that has its root in the Garden of Eden. When Adam yielded his will to the snake, he fell because he was not a true worshiper. He obeyed the voice of the creature instead of obeying the voice of his Creator. Adam placed more value on the voice of the snake above the voice of the One who created him. If you study the story of Adam carefully, you will see the origin of so many things that are not good that man is doing today and if you are sincere with yourself, you will notice the origin of so many things you are still struggling to drop in your walk with God. You will also see the origin of ingratitude, which is the root of almost every sin.

What is worship? Worship is ‘worth-ship’. How much value do you place on your relationship with God? That is what defines your worship. True worship is being so desperately in love with God that the idea of substituting that love for anything else does not even remotely exist. May the Lord make you a consecrated worshiper in Jesus name.

The world is upside down today because the Church is not raising enough consecrated worshipers. Meanwhile, the Lord is still looking for those who will worship him in spirit and in truth. The Church is busy generating workers and helping people to climb the ecclesiastical ladder without teaching them about worship. Worship is so fundamental that if you miss it; you miss God.

Idolatry is a universal sickness that is not limited to any nation or tribe; it is prevalent everywhere. One thing that human beings know how to do very well is to make a god out of something. It started in the garden – the twisted mentality of man. When man bowed to the snake, he acquired what is called a ‘diseased perception of reality’. Man became incapable of choosing right, incapable of thinking right, his mind became unified with the will of the snake; man’s intelligence became unified with the intelligence of the snake. Of course, behind the snake was satan himself. That was the second marriage. It was the origin of irresponsibility. A perfect God created a perfect man and placed him in a perfect environment with only one law. Man, however, could not keep the law; he violated it because he was not wise enough to know that he should yield his will to the will of his maker. God gave Adam Lord tenancy over the planet earth, he said take charge, keep the garden. God delegated that responsibility to Adam out of his love for him.

Remember that it was out of the sovereign will of God; out of his love for man that God said let us make man in our image after our likeness. This is the true definition of love. True love lifts, true love makes, true love takes you from nothing and makes you into somebody. That is responsibility. Where was Adam when the snake entered into the garden? It was not God’s responsibility to keep the garden, he had already delegated it, so it was Adam’s responsibility. After the snake had seduced Eve, Adam allowed the woman to also seduce him. There are so many ‘Adam’ men in the world today and that is why the world is upside down. Anytime you begin to superimpose the will of man above the word of God, watch it! You are behaving like Adam. That was also the origin of buck-passing. When God accosted Adam after he fell, he said it was the woman you gave me. That was also the origin of ingratitude. In other words, if God had not given him the woman, he would not have sinned. Man is the only thing God created on earth  that disobeys God.


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