If you store the word of God in your heart, you will carry so much life inside of you that when any agent of death comes, it will bow, and when the enemy comes to tempt you, you will tell him ‘it is written’. Take note that the word of God is superior to any intellectual knowledge; the word of God is the instruction of God. Be pregnant with the word of God this year and I can assure you that you will birth miracles; you will become a miracle looking for where to happen. Pray – Lord, help me to be complete in obedience to your word this year, help me Lord, to store your word in my heart everywhere I go in the name of Jesus. Thank you, faithful God, in Jesus name.

“If you return to God and put right all the wrong in your home, then you will be restored.” Just as the prodigal son decided to return into his Father’s waiting arms, so let us return to the Lord. The miracle or restoration starts with your return to the Lord. This is one of the principles of abundant life. Give God his rightful place in your heart. Align with the purposive will of God for your destiny. The moon does not have any light of its own, all it does is to align itself along the axis of the sun and every ray that falls upon it, it reflects. God wants us to show forth his glory but the secret lies in aligning properly. Connect properly and elevate God above every other thing. Pray – Lord, I return, I enthrone you Lord, help me, anywhere that I need to make amends and right any wrong in my home, please empower me to straighten out all the things that I need to straighten out in the name of Jesus. Thank you, faithful God, I depend on you, in Jesus name.

Verse 24, “If you give up your lust for money, and throw your gold away, then the Almighty himself shall be your treasure; he will be your precious silver.” This is a very difficult part for quite a number of people. You cannot serve two gods at the same time, you have to dethrone one in order to enthrone the other. If your pursuit in life is gold, then you have missed God. If you make gold your God, then you are an idolater. The system of the world is designed in such a way that if you are not careful, you will pursue money to the grave and miss God. Many a times, after responding to the call of God upon my life, I have been tempted with big monies and contracts but God, in his mercy, enabled me to say No! May you not pursue gold and miss God.

Pray – Lord, make it impossible for me to pursue gold and miss you in the name of Jesus. Do not allow me to pursue anything and miss you. Lord, do not allow me to satisfy any carnal appetite that will mortgage my eternal destiny in you in the name of Jesus. Father, the wine of success that will drive me outside your will and your presence, may it not come my way in the mighty name of Jesus. Help me to say no to anything that is capable of taking me out of your purpose for my life in Jesus name.

The devil knows what he can use to entrap you that is why you need to be very careful where your heart really is. It is futile to make gold your god. MAKE THE ALMIGHTY YOUR TREASURE. Don’t chase gold more than you chase God this year. This is the secret of abundant life. Abundant life is not in the accumulation of gold. Anyone who has not escaped from the corruption (the rottenness) that is in this world that works through lust, does not know the true meaning of abundant life. This is so fundamental. If you miss it, you will miss God. God is a jealous God, you cannot serve God and mammon. It is good for money to be your servant and not your god. Deal with the lust for money. Pray – God, help me, grant me the grace to give up my lust for money in the mighty name of Jesus. I declare that as from today, the Almighty himself is my treasure.


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