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How can you enthrone a Nimrod and expect good? Without a good understanding of the spirit of Nimrod, a lot of missionaries will find it difficult to penetrate some African countries and this is one of the reasons why some of them are being martyred. Some of them are actually not properly prepared for the missions and that explains why there are many casualties in the mission field.

Nimrod was the mastermind of the builders of tower of Babel. Gen. 11:1-8, “At that time, all mankind spoke a single language. As the population grew and spread eastward, a plan was discovered in the land of Babylon, and was soon thickly populated. The people who lived there began to talk about building a great city, with a temple-tower reaching to the skies – a proud, eternal monument to themselves. This will weld us together, they said, and keep us from scattering all over the world. So they made great piles of hard burned brick, and collected bitumen to use as mortar. But when God came down to see the city and the tower mankind was making, he said, Look! If they are able to accomplish all this when they have just began to exploit their linguistic and political unity, just think of what they will do later! Nothing will be unattainable for them! Come let us go down and give them different languages, so that they won’t understand each other’s words! So, in that way, God scattered them all over the earth; and that ended the building of the city”. These builders were united in an evil ambition to immortalize themselves and they were to build without recourse to God. Their motive was ‘come, let us build and make a name for ourselves’; that is the spirit of Nimrod.

Having Nimrods in the world is to be expected and should not come as a surprise but the emergence of Nimrods in the Church is disturbing and should be a source of concern to every truly born again child of God. There are very many people with the spirit of Nimrod running empires today; they are involved in human accomplishments without involving God and busy building the biggest Cathedrals in the world. In verse 10 of the above scripture, we can see the beginning of empire building so Nimrod was an empire builder; building not necessarily divine institutions guaranteeing law and order as ordained by God to Noah in Gen.9, but the achievements of lawless tyrants who taught men to rebel against divine authority. They build in deviance to God.

I met one of such on the lawn tennis court many years ago when I didn’t know anything about the spirit of Nimrod. As a gold medalist then, I was allowed to play anywhere in the State so I had access to some clubs and some eminent personalities. After playing with them, they would sit down to take a break with some bottles of beer and there begin to pour out their hearts.

PRAY:- Our Dear Heavenly Father, hallow be Your Name. I thank you for the wonderful salvation package you have delivered to mankind through the death, burial and resurrection of Your Son Jesus Christ. I ask you to fill me with Your Holy Spirit and grant me the grace to be discerning. I proclaim that through Christ I am more than a conqueror over the spirit of Nimrod in Jesus Name I pray. Amen.


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