In a recent revelation, the Lord showed me a man who went out with a bucket to fetch water; after filling the bucket, suddenly, the water started pouring away, it leaked and leaked and continued leaking until there was only half remaining in the bucket. On realizing the leakage, the man went back to the tap for a refill but when he turned the tap, there was no flow of water, just a few drops. Immediately he picked up his bucket to leave the place, a monster appeared and perched on the top of the tap. The monster opened the tap and surprisingly, there was a large flow of water. The man stood confused. I could guess what was going on in his mind – should I go for that water with a monster resting on the tap (the control)? After a while, the man decided to leave with his half bucket half full. The Lord spoke to me that that is exactly what the devil is doing to the finances of many people today, particularly the children of God.

The spirit of the anti-Christ is not only seriously at work but seriously at war engineering circumstances to make things extremely difficult for the true children of God. Why do you think the man with the half bucket of water walked away in this revelation? He walked away in order to avoid being contaminated. If he decided to collect that water, definitely, he would have an overflow but it would be contaminated; he would have ended up collecting the seal of the devil. This is the type of dogged determination that children of God need today. The Bible, writing about the end times said it will be difficult to be a true child of God in the end time.

It takes real Christian character to say ‘No’ to satanic pressure in time of financial difficulties. If, for instance, after having a wonderful service on Sunday, you resume work first thing on Monday morning and you are confronted with the temptation of accepting a huge sum of money in exchange for signing a fraudulent document. How many people can overcome this temptation? Meanwhile, you have a pressing financial need and one voice inside of you whispers to you that this is the answer to your prayer, God will not come down to help you, take it, after all, you can pay tithe from it and even donate to a project in the Church. This is real temptation that people go through regularly. How many people can resist this temptation? The only way you can resist is through the help of the Holy Spirit and through knowledge. The unfortunate thing is that Christian character and godly conduct are no longer being emphasized in many Church teachings today.

PRAY:- Heavenly father I worship You. I ask You to grant me the grace never to succumb to satanic pressures. Empower me by Your Holy Spirit to flee from any appearance of evil in Jesus’ Name. Amen


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