If you don’t get to the overflow dimension, it becomes difficult for you to touch lives. The overflow dimension is for impact; it is the overflow dimension that gives you financial liberty and freedom to send money on errand. It is this overflow dimension that enables you to lift people. You cannot get to the overflow dimension if there is a leakage. You need to cut off the hand of the thief and destroy his operations; block him and put the right seal which is the seal of the blood of Jesus to seal up every leakage. If you can seal up the leakage, even the little drops of water will become a mighty ocean over time. But as long as the things that are leaking out are more than the things that are coming in, it will amount to a wasted effort. The devil likes it that way and he knows how to create holes and leakages. There are people who make good money weekly but they spend the money as it comes in and so there will be nothing left at the end of the day. This is a hole! Unfortunately, this is the cash flow pattern of many people today.

Another way by which the enemy creates hardship is through his agents in places of authority and through government retrogressive policies. Such policies tend to create hardship and sends people out of job leading to massive unemployment, retrenchment, resizing, downsizing and so on. Whenever you hear such terms, know for sure that an agent of darkness is at work, it is a sign that the spirit of the anti-Christ is already at work. Devaluation leads to financial limitation and forms part of the weaponization of poverty.

Every anointing talks about seals; remember that God seals us with his Holy Spirit while the devil seals his own with demonic spirits. Everyone you come across is carrying a seal and if it is not the Holy Spirit, it must be a demonic seal. Everywhere Jesus went, he was rebranding people; undoing the work of the devil. The Bible says, “For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil” 1 John 3:8B. Whenever the thief comes to steal, he removes from what you have gathered leading to wasted effort; opportunity wasted. Somebody said that ‘poor’ is an acronym for ‘passing over opportunities repeatedly’. That is one of the things the devil specializes in doing.

PRAY:- Heavenly Father I worship and adore You for You are good and Your mercies endure forever. I thank You for the provisions You have made for my wellbeing here and hereafter through Your dear Son Jesus Christ. I use the power in the name of Jesus to block any leakage of my blessings I pray in Jesus Name. Amen.


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